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-by Javier Luna 12/09/2020

It would be funny if it were not so pathetic. At a time when rightful and lawful legal challenges are underway to ensure that integrity was and is maintained in the 2020 election, the left is ramping up its attacks on patriotic Americans who refuse to bundle into the mind-numbing groupthink centered around The (Fake) Office of the President-Elect Joe Biden.

Many conservatives have appropriately failed to recognize Sleepy Joe as our country’s next president — for good reason. 17 states have now joined Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, heroically taking on clear fraud in battleground states (all states that “went” for Biden).

But try telling that to the liberal entertainment elite. They’ve moved on. So confident are they, that one of their poster boys has resorted to bullying.

On Tuesday night’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Obama-Fangirl Fallon, the 46-year-old resorted to making middle-school jokes about the physical features of some conservatives who are not caving in and are not declaring Ol’ Joe the victor.

Broadway Video/NBC


Broadway Video/NBC

Broadway Video/NBC

Making fun of the size of a senator’s ears? Calling a congressman’s lips feminine? Saying someone’s got a long neck?!

Who wrote this drivel? A functioning adult, or a vengeful 12-year-old who took a break from creating another cringeful TikTok video?

But that’s all they can do… because that’s all they’ve got. When the other side has no real means of attacking a man and they resort to the most childish of insults, that’s when you know you’re winning. (For the record, 88% of all Republicans serving in Congress will not say who won the election right now. Good.)

This is, of course, ironic coming from a staunch all-inclusive, welcoming, and accepting liberal such as Jimmy Fallon — the same Jimmy Fallon who decried that Melania Trump’s anti-bullying campaign wasn’t working after President Trump took Jimmy to task on Twitter. Boo hoo.

It’s the classic textbook elitist media example of “we are untouchable; do as we say, not as we do.” Jeff Zucker and Fake News CNN would be so proud. Although, as conservatives, we should not be surprised at such desperation. We have historically seen that if we fail to fall in line with the liberal ideologue of the mainstream media, we will be ridiculed, shunned, and shamed.

Behind the scenes, The Tonight Show has gone through tumultuous turnover when it comes to who is in charge — three show runners in three years. The latest leader was just announced in November and is a confidant of Fallon’s, unlikely to nudge him into ditching his political pot-shotting.

And make no mistake: viewers are leaving “The Tonight Show” in droves. The New York Times’s John Koblin reported that the show is now in 3rd place (unheard of during the Carson or Leno eras), and is averaging a measly 1.5 million nightly broadcast viewers — down from roughly two million last year.

As our commander-in-chief would say, “SAD!” But despite more viewers ditching Jimmy, the man behind the phony smile is sticking with his schtick, and getting increasingly desperate to go viral with similar political “burns” showcased nightly by the likes of Stephen Colbert or his pal down the hall, Seth Meyers. Only whenever the cheap political shots come out of Jimmy’s mouth, it matches his typical deer-in-headlights doofus look: Confused, unnatural, and not funny.

During the George Floyd riots, Jimmy Fallon bravely tweeted, “Every one of us needs to be the change for good. #BeTheChange”

Jimmy would be wise to take some of his own advice since all he clearly cares about is to perform for an audience of one every night — himself.

And based on the trajectory of his television ratings, pretty soon his audience may very well be at that level.

1813News has reached out to all six elected representatives named in the Fallon hit piece; we will update this article if we hear back.


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