Silence may be Golden, but that only works for children!

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FINALLY someone has figured out the real America and of course again – it is a pariah. LOL. 

Matthew Peterson is an editor at the AmericanMind.org and a crazy person if you listen to our country’s radical Left.

Peterson submits its actually the innocence of the common folk that serve as the most fearful problem. Not being a racist or a militant – its almost impossible for them to truly understand the blood lust of the New Left. Regular, salt of the earth folks find it hard to understand that kind of thinking. 

Peterson has penned a remarkable work that will be remembered for a long time (and will be linked with this article.)

But he also gives us a stark picture of the future. Regardless of who wins in 2 weeks, American leadership will be hard pressed in staving off the rage that follows the results. America is more divided than its been in 155 years. 

Peterson knows Freedom comes at a fearful cost. We forgot the cost in our “war fatigue” of 1813 that permitted the lost Battle of Bladensburg and the inability to repel the British invasion of the U.S. (and burning of the eventual White House.) We forgot in the years preceding World War 2 as well, and yes – in the years preceding the attack on the World Trade Centers. 

Americans LIKE peace. Possibly too much.

The sear of the AmericanMind.org writes, “Our failure to stop this movement decades ago is what led us to this moment. Now, we have no choice. It is time to stop pretending that BLM and Antifa are anything other than domestic terrorist groups led by radicals who seek to rip America apart.”

The recent peaceful BLM protests in Vidor, Lumberton, Beaumont and elsewhere were anomalies. Head fakes. The REAL movement has been brewing since Cloward-Piven. And the REAL time for a response (hopefully a bold but peaceful one) – is NOW!

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THE LINK to Peterson’s work :

The Racial Marxism of BLM




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