1813 has learned the challenger to Congressman Randy Weber in the CD-14 primary has called himself a “stalker” of Canadian white nationalist leader Stefan Molyneux.

Jeff Foxworth is running against Weber in the primary.

The Friendswood Republican has come under heavy pressure on the allegations he has links to a man who believes in “scientific racism.” A term for an ideology that accepts that whites and Ashkenazi Jews are high on the IQ scale and that African-Americans are at the bottom along with indigenous Australians.

When 1813 asked Foxworth about the allegations he told us he does not see that Molyneux had done anything wrong or was a racist.

But only a few weeks ago, Foxworth posted on his own Facebook account that he had been a “stalker” of the YouTube personality Molyneux. Foxworth expressed an interest in the views of the Canadian podcaster. Molyneux who has been widely criticized and was even protested at a planned speech in New Zealand.