1813’s Michael Lindsay: Get ready for President Bloomberg

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1813’s Sunni Mosely has a cow at the notion of Michael Bloomberg winning the White House. Bloomberg surges in the national polls.


Post-Acquittal Trump is headed to victory says 1813 contributor Brittny Felp

President Donald Trump is headed to victory in 2020 if 1813 contributor Brittny Felps is right. She says if the President can ride the momentum of his acquittal into the campaign and can maintain above 55% support, he will be re-elected.

It follows a day of harsh criticism (Thursday February 6, 2020) by the President at an annual prayer breakfast in the East Room of the White House. Trump called his detractors “sleaze bags” and “scum.”

Trump said he had been unfairly attacked by “vicious and mean” people and used the names Pelosi, Comey, and Schiff in his angry address.

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