About Us!

1813 is many things.

To us, it essentially means action. Action to support and preserve your great country. Action to help others and build a better world for them. And action to grow and be a better you! Especially in terms of your spiritual transformation – an area too often overlooked in an increasingly spiritually bankrupted world.

1813 is the year after the beginning of the War of 1812. A reluctant Congress had still NOT taken action and funded a standing army. Congress relied on militias and did NOTHING to further protect the nation. The people accepted this inaction in 1813 and in 1814 the British BURNED our Capitol and what would one day be known as our White House.

Don’t be Congress.

DO stay on edge by reading 1813News. Join us!

Meet the Team

Kevin Steele
President/Anchor/Multi-Media Journalist

Kevin has been a news anchor at TV stations all around the country for more than 30 years. He is an award winning journalist after having served in markets from north Missouri to West Virginia to deep south Texas. He won Best Newscast in the Arkansas (Little Rock) AP Awards, a winner of several Press Club of Southeast Texas Awards, several Associated Press Awards along with being an anchor of a Lone Star Emmy Award winning broadcast in Beaumont, Texas. Kevin has been a board member of the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store, the Press Club of Southeast Texas, the Bob Hope Center, the Mental Health Association. He’s a proud worker for the annual March of Dimes Baby Shower and Food Bank of SETX drives. Kevin is a tireless worker for the YMBL and a supporter of charity causes like the Special Needs summer camp for kids in Ottine, Texas and the Rotary Club Soap Box Derby for youth scholarships. He’s been a server at Some Other Place and a collector at Goodwill. Kevin contributes to the Lone Survivor Foundation for injured veterans. He’s a proud father of two girls.