Americans are hypocrites when it comes to freedom

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I am going to catch hell from both sides on this one, but it has to be said.

When freedoms are involved, Americans are the biggest hypocrites you can find.

Left or Right, it is true.

Let me give you a little background before I dive right into it, I am thoroughly disgusted with partisan rhetoric right now. I am tired of one side opposing an idea just because it came from the other.

Let me stop you right there Buckaroo before you go off. It happens. Both sides do it.

Don’t believe me, let’s cue the music.

Republicans decry Obamacare as big government. As socialism in action. As an example of everything wrong with Democrats and in particular  Barack Obama.


The Affordable Care Act was based on Republican Senator, and former Republican Presidential Candidate and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s plan.

Which itself was based on Newt Gingrich and the Congressional Republican alternative to the 90s Health Care plan of the Clintons.

That Gingrich plan was a Heritage Foundation plan that was based on a 1972 proposal by Richard Nixon.

So after 40 years of pushing the plan, why were Republicans opposed to it?

Two words: Barack Obama.

And I would bet you anything, that if Trump repackaged the ACA, he would be applauded by Republicans and Democrats would suddenly oppose it.

But, let me get back to my original rant.

Americans talk about freedom of choice and responsibility until it is a subject they oppose.

Think about it.

Conservatives decry the choice of the individual until it is a choice to decide what a person can do with their body. And I am not just talking about abortion. It is doctor-assisted suicide. It is birth control.

Then on the opposite side, Liberals talk about choice but then oppose the individual buying a handgun.

And the argument is the same no matter what, certain individuals are not mature enough to decide.

We Americans take pleasure in telling others how to live their lives while chaffing when someone does it to us.

Old enough to vote, not old enough to smoke.

Old enough to enlist, not old enough to drink.

Mature enough to have sex, but not to decide on birth control.

Marriage is a sacred institution so long as the person agrees with who is marrying. Then suddenly the government should interfere.

As Americans, we hold religious freedoms in high esteem, until they are other religions. Very faithful Christians I know call for Mosques to be shut down in the United States.

But, let a report come out that the government even suggests that a church be closed and people lose their collective minds.

There are those that say the Bible should be the law, but when similar Muslim laws are talked about, they oppose it as “Sharia.”

Then we have gun laws. Open carry for some, any carry for others is a death sentence. Philando Castille was a licensed gun owner, he did everything by the book.

His gun rights were a death sentence.

We are looking at Memorial Day weekend, a day when we recognize those who gave the last full measure of human sacrifice.

They did not die for choices that you are comfortable with. They did not die so you could cherish your rights while denying others theirs.

They died for all speech, not just what you agree with.

They died for all faiths, not just the church you attend.

They died for all Americans, not just the ones that act like you, look like you, and believe like you.

Above all, they died for freedom, not some farce that most Americans call freedom. They didn’t die for demagogues. They didn’t die so you could live free of inconvenience.

They died so all in America could enjoy the four freedoms.

Stop acting like fascists and by damned, start acting like Americans.




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