Ames makes unusual mid-term commissioner change, Getz disapproves

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Beaumont city councilman Mike Getz has a problem.

Getz is frustrated with Mayor Becky Ames’ recent decision to replace a sitting Zoning Commission member with a friend. 

Getz tells 1813News, “It is my belief that it violates the City Charter for the Mayor to attempt to appoint the sister in law of another City Council member to the Planning and Zoning Commission.”

Sandy Pate will be replacing former DA Cory Crenshaw on the board.

Ames told 1813News, “I knew this was coming. He can think it was because of the nasty memes but it wasn’t. I can take a joke… when Roy West announced to run for Mayor, Cory supported him publicly without even talking to me. He says he is voting for Roy. How can I possibly keep him on as my appointment when he does not support me. It wasn’t about the memes. It was about his statement. I’d be a fool to keep him on whether I run again or not since he’s publicly supported someone else. I don’t know what Getz means as far as city charter but I will look into it. If it is in fact a violation then I won’t do it. However, Sandy Pate has served on P&Z in the past as a member, not an alternate. So why was it not a violation then? Its not a paid position and no benefit. Strictly volunteer.”



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