Beaumont First Responders offered a kind gesture by Britt Home Solutions

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A Beaumont home construction company is reaching out the hand of friendship to a sector beleaguered in recent months. Beaumont first responders.

Beaumont police, fire, and emergency personnel are being invited to the offices of Britt Home Solutions next month for a special gesture.

Police officers in particular have been struggled in handling COVID19 and have even faced some criticism. 

Owner Cody Britt says he just wants to give something back – To let first responders know how much they are appreciated. 

Britt says its a “cause” to him – to let first responders know their efforts do not go unnoticed.

“To me personally COVID is going on so bad and we have all these people who put their lives out there every single day. And I just figured they need some appreciation, know what I mean? It reflects on what kind of company we are. We like giving back to the community.” 

Britt is asking all Beaumont first responders to come by his offices for free coffee and donuts – at 3415 Laurel Ave on Friday, August 14th.


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