Beaumont mayor responds to furor over salon picture

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A Tuesday flap over whether Beaumont mayor Becky Ames violated the city ban on the opening of nail and hair salons can be easily explained according to Ames.

“I did nothing wrong,” said Ames.

“I went by to pick up product.”

Tensions over stay at home orders and the closing of retailers led to a furor on social media. The story published exclusively by the Philip Klein Southeast Texas Political Review featured pictures of a woman who appears to be Ames in a seated position – wearing a mask.

Ames says it IS her, and says the salon (which was not named) was NOT open at the time. Ames tells 1813News the nail tech never stood near her or touched her. She says the tech was six feet away. 

The incident was at about 1 p.m. today according to Ames. The mayor says she went into the closed and hot salon for only about five minutes to get acetone solution. She says she had never used the “powder” before and asserts the tech showed her how to use it from a distance.

What do we know? The mayor was at the council meeting by 1:30 so the furor may be the fastest scandal in history. We know people demand personal accountability from their leaders. And we know Mayor Ames has explained HER SIDE of the story while acknowledging that she should be accountable. The city order allows the pick-up of products right now. And the mayor says the tech voluntarily offered to help. 1813 is no apologist for the mayor’s office, and maybe you’re still mad at her. But does it look like she got her nails done?


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