Beaumont Police promise swift action to prevent violence, looting

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Beaumont police say they are aware of peaceful demonstrations scheduled in the next few days in the city. One is reportedly scheduled for 6pm Monday (June 1, 2020) at Parkdale Mall. But peaceful protesting around the nation has turned violent at times. So what can citizens expect from police officers here in Beaumont?

Sgt. Cody Guedry says no increased police presence has been called for at this time (4 pm Monday) and no more officers will be activated than usual.

We think the citizens here are better than that, but we prepare for things like that. And we just hope its a peaceful protest. In the unlikely event that that would happen, we would have to take action,” said Guedry.

He referred to the potential use of SWAT and a Special Response Team. But Guedry expects the Monday march to be as peaceful as a demonstration Sunday at City Hall.

1813 asked Guedry about a post on Facebook that has been alarming to some. Social media has been abuzz about a so-called “Riot Alert” that makes an appeal for bricks and flammables. An image (with graphic language) shows Parkdale Mall and indicates the “riot” would be held “next Friday.”

 Guedry declined to say if BPD is considering the post a legitimate threat or not, but indicated the agency is definitely “aware” of it and “monitoring it.” 

Overall, officers seem to be handling policing in a very confident way.

Guedry said, “We’ve been really proactive in getting together with all different kinds of civic groups. The NAACP and 100 Black Men of Greater Beaumont.”

Guedry says while no extra officers are on duty, the Special Response Team can act with very little notice if needed. The Monday night march is scheduled to start at the mall and end at Madison’s. 

“We think its going to be peaceful. There may be some people who try to ruin it for the whole group… but you have to play it by the sequence of events… we’re better than that.”



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