Beloved Beaumont meteorologist resigns, “can’t be a part of” biased news coverage

Citing differences with KBMT TV over the handling of recent news stories, a beloved local meteorologist has stepped down from his job. With no work replacement in mind!

Veteran news and weather journalist James Brown (far left in the image above) submitted his letter of resignation citing his inability to “be a part of” recent coverage that he called imbalanced and lacking in context. Brown said its just “adding hatred” to the emotionally charged stories. “It’s just wrong,” said Brown after indicating he believes only part of the story is being told. He seemed to understand the hurt feelings of African Americans and supported stories on racial injustice but seems to believe only half the story is being told. That context is not being provided and that bias is creeping in. 

The meteorologist told news management in his resignation letter that he would not participate in “this injustice to my beliefs as a Christian, and proud American.” Brown wrote, “… I still believe red, yellow, black and white we are precious in HIS sight.”

Brown tells 1813news.com he made the decision without another job in mind and solely on the ground of his convictions. He said, “Adding fuel to a fire that is out of control is NOT in me to associate with.”

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