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BEWARE OF FACEBOOK! Nobody seemingly wants more homogeneity of thought than the Big Tech guys running our social media platforms. And I suspect you’re being lulled into a trap in SEVERAL ways. The “Watermark” Game being only one of them. 

You’ve likely seen it on Facebook. The video in which a Havana-born psychiatrist named Steve Pieczenik details the QFC code that he says is embedded in a watermark on U.S. ballots and envelopes.

Problem is, Pieczenik’s little video has effectively served to get THOUSANDS of emotional conservatives jailed or blocked from Facebook. If Joe Biden wins the Oval Office do we think he will be emboldened to further reduce the expression of American conservatives by nodding to Facebook that the platform can now begin openly banning conservatives? A type of “hunting season” to purge the Other Thinkers from the marketplace of ideas. I think we have to consider that we have seen “nuthin’ yet” from Facebook’s censorship. 

And Facebook would have a perfect patsy in Pieczenik. The psychiatrist once touted that it was the CIA behind the 9/11 attacks on New York’s Twin Towers. He argued that the entire Sandy Hook shooting was a false-flag event generated by evildoers. 

Far more importantly than whether Pieczenik is right or wrong in any of his theories is whether he provides a premise for the bloodlust of the Left. 

Can YOU say that a watermark and code are NOT on ballots? I can’t. I can’t provide evidence for or against the theory. 

I know but one thing. Big Tech has teamed with Big Media to make you look like a fool and/or silence you forever. The Associated Press just reported today (Friday Nov. 6) the following: “With votes still being counted across the nation, President Donald Trump on Thursday sought to undermine confidence in the nation’s election, making unsupported accusations from the White House about the integrity of the results in his race against Democrat Joe Biden.”

Who says they are unsupported accusations? I’m certain there has been insufficient investigation of the 3,000 ballots that Trump says were cast in Nevada and represent people who no longer live in the state. I’m certain no one has fully vetted the story from former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who says it appears around 2,000 dead people voted in Michigan. 10 ballots have been substantiated with the names of the (evidently) Walking Dead. Hmm. We could go on and on. 

Just remember. As incredulous as you may be about this election fiasco (and you have PLENTY of reason to have suspicions,) there are sinister forces at play in how you share the information. It must be thoroughly vetted and verified. It is your free speech that is at risk and we rather LIKE having you on Facebook to talk!


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