Bias in the Fact-Checkers! Are you Kidding Me?

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When you can’t trust the Fact-Checkers because of apparent bias or just outright incompetence, who can you trust?

We often listen to people crow on about how stories are not fact-checked and held to a higher scrutiny. Ya know what? When they ARE Fact-Checked, its often a mess.

Case in point! Did you know that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar did NOT call for the dismantling of the American system? We jest. 

It drew spectacular interest because Americans know Omar as a vocal attacker of conservative causes – not to mention a devout Muslim. 

When Omar referenced “dismantling the whole system of oppression” many news outlets said Omar wants to throw out the whole baby with the bathwater. Snopes reports that as FALSE! But Snopes also failed to note the context of Omar’s entire conversation with reporters. 

Just SECONDS before the Minnesota Congresswoman attacked the American system she made all this clear! Omar described a need for DISMANTLING not only the criminal justice and policing systems of America. But she SPECIFICALLY described dismantling the housing, education, healthcare, and environmental “systems” of America. She was standing up for social justice, yes. But she DID IN FACT attack the “system.”

Snopes appears to have labelled reports about her willingness to upend the economic and political systems because she did not use the WORDS “economic” or “political.” 

Instead she only referenced a COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION of all the systems above along with the social justice policies of America. She lamented the distribution of wealth in America and said white Americans have 42 times more wealth than black Americans. But she did not use the words economic and political systems. Thanks Snopes.

THIS IS ALL RIGHT THERE ON TAPE, but I don’t blame you for not knowing because you have a job and responsibilities and you can’t watch every ounce of news coverage every day. SO HERE’S A TIP! Don’t always take the Fact-Checkers as Fact Knowers.  

Here’s the snopes article: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ilhan-omar-quote/


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