Biden blames Trump for BLM riots in Philly

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PHILADELPHIA: In what began as a senseless shooting by Philadelphia Police on Monday, has escalated quickly into rioting that has led to Policewoman being intentionally run over and 21 other officers injured.

On Monday, the family of a Philadelphia man with a history of mental illness dialed 911 for help. 911 dispatched police instead of an ambulance as the family had requested.

Walter Wallace, Jr, a 27-year-old, father, and rap artist was having a bipolar episode. Police had been out twice before. 

In the ensuing altercation, Police fatally shot Wallace.


Philadelphia police had been out to Wallace’s home twice before

Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia reached out to the family of Wallace and to the community at large, “I know that many Philadelphians are feeling frustrated and outraged,” Kenney said. “I fully support your first amendment rights to protest but we want to make sure that our communities are not further hurt as a result.”

Repeated requests for calm and to give police time to investigate the incident went unheeded as police ended up arresting over 100 people in the ensuing chaos.

Philadelphia Police Commissioner  Danielle Outlaw stated that there had been three citations for failure to disperse, 11 arrests for assault on police, and 76 arrests for burglary, including three burglaries with guns. Those arrest numbers may increase, she said, as investigations into the events continue.

She added that there were 30 officers injured Monday night, including one sergeant who suffered a broken leg after “she was intentionally run over,” Outlaw added. 

Eight police vehicles and one fire department vehicle were damaged. One was set on fire and the rest were vandalized in other ways.

The City of Philadelphia is considering asking for Pennsylvania National Guard to be deployed to quell riots and provide election security.

Crowds could be heard chanting, “Black Lives matter! Black lives matter!” 

“We want justice!” others shouted

Biden releases statement blasting Trump for the riots


The Biden Campaign released a statement that had the following: 

 “All Donald Trump does is fan the flames of division in our society. He is incapable of doing the real work to bring people together. We will.We are all praying for the entire Wallace family, and for our nation, that we may move toward healing.”

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