Biden Campaign refrains from defund police doctrine long enough to ask for Beaumont police protection

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Its not just that much of the Democratic mantra defies the parameters of plain ole common sense, its the hypocrisy of it all.

1813 has discovered that the Biden/Harris bus crew may not know the first thing about being President, but they did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. 

Last night, the Biden/Harris bus was parked in Beaumont while the crew laid up at the Holiday Inn Express off US 69 north near the Academy store.

We’re glad they found comfortable lodging and feel confident they woke up refreshed and ready to begin spreading the wildly hypocritical views of the 71-year-old Joe Biden and cranky Kamala.

Thing is, doggone it, if you’re going to say one thing and DO another – make sure local press doesn’t find out.

1813 has learned the campaign asked the Beaumont police department to please protect its carefully wrapped bus from vandalism as it sat idle at the hotel. Our officers were literally patrolling to protect the bus while Biden and Kamala “re-imagine” whether police officers deserve ALL THAT MONEY? Well, that’s darned near hypocritical wouldn’t you say? 

Biden and Harris have more recently carefully crafted their views – to suggest the “change” not “defund” views that proved so wildly unpopular with large percentages of Americans.  

 “Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not support defunding the police, and it is a lie to suggest otherwise,” said Harris’ press guru Sabrina Singh.

But it took the ticket MONTHS to arrive at that spot.

In June, Harris virtually planted a kiss on Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti after Garcetti slashed $150 MILLION out of the LA police force. What are they good for, all those police officers, anyway?

And Joe Biden spent months dithering away the time while the Minneapolis City Council virtually DISMANTLED its police force by a resounding vote. Nary a word of criticism was spoken by the Scribe of Scranton. Biden in fact watched silently as well when NY city slaughtered the size and scope of its police department.

Biden may well “roll” with the idea of ADDING police officers.  At least that’s how he voted in 1994 on his bill to fight crime. But then we will likely NEVER really know how Biden feels, since he waffles with such frequency. 

In June, Biden declines to repudiate the calls for dismantling police departments and then went so far as to say, “I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards for decency and honorableness.”

Well, it was quite honorable for Beaumont police to guard the bus last night. And its almost always honorable to defend the officers and deny the “defunders.”

The campaign has had MONTHS to call the defunding movement a joke. And it remained non-committal. Good thing our officers made the committment last night. Otherwise someone could have painted it into the “Hidin’ From Biden/Harris bus by daybreak.


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