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Trump has solidified a 6-3 Conservative majority after the Senate voted 52-48 to confirm Amy Coney Barrett, a judge with on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge and Notre Dame Law Professor.

This is the most judges appointed by any single President since Ronald Reagan.

This win comes just one week before the November 3rd election where Trump is facing reelection. A person with the Trump campaign has stated that it gives the President the last-minute momentum to overcome Democratic Nominee former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Amy Coney Barrett Vote Expected today

Donald Trump in Rose Garden Ceremony formally nominating Barrett

Barrett will be sworn into the court in time to hear issues ranging from the President’s Tax Returns to other issues including a 2nd Amendment Case, LGBT rights, and a challenge to Obamacare.

The court might also hear potential legal challenges to the 2020 election if there are any lawsuits filed disputing the election results.

Democrats had tried to force the vote to wait until after the election, arguing that the next President should fill the vacancy after the election. A staffer for Senator McConnell’s office shot that down in an interview, quipping, “President Trump did his constitutional duty, and besides, the winner of the 2020 election did nominate the next justice.”

Republicans in the Judiciary Committee held off various procedural challenges to advance the nomination to the floor of the Senate. The Senate convened in a rare weekend and Sunday session, voting Sunday night to begin the final 30 hours of debate before formally voting.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine was the only Republican to break ranks and vote against the confirmation of Barrett.

The Court has a busy docket planned after November 2nd, including deciding LGBT, 2nd Amendment, and a ACA challenge case in the coming months.

The White House plans to hold a swearing in ceremony this evening where Barrett will be sworn in by Associate Justice Clarence Thomas.




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