Cain mocked by Democrats

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Democrats didn’t waste much time in mocking a former GOP Presidential contender who died overnight with the complications of COVID19.

Herman Cain passed away at the age of 74.

The Occupy Democrats organization almost immediately put out information like this to show that wearing masks is not only crucial to save your life, but fundamental to all things American. Somehow, they said implicitly, it is ONLY through fear that you can survive. Or more appropriately only through fear can you help us achieve our purpose – the purging of a conservative leader and installation of former VP Joe Biden. 

And does it not specifically MOCK Cain, a Stage 4 cancer survivor, who has been active in presidential politics for years? Critics say Cain attended a Mt. Rushmore Trump rally and a Tulsa Trump rally and imply he “must have” picked up the covid there. Ludicrous and approaching on insanity. Herman Cain likely has NO IDEA where Herman Cain got COVID19.

The post and picture from Occupy Democrats stated, “We are posting it not to humiliate a man who caused his own death by blindly following his cult leader, but as a warning to other Americans who are putting their lives in danger just to support Trump.”

Folks, this is a cold crowd working for the Democrats right now. Meanwhile, Democratic congressman John Lewis has been venerated lately for his public service and while I have seen posts criticizing Lewis’ views, I don’t remember ANY referencing his CULT! 

Cain was praised by many for his 9-9-9 tax plan. Maybe the 9-1-1 in American life TODAY is a collapse in civility. Slough off the Cain mockery, but NEVER forget that on the day Cain died conservatives were better than that.


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