Can we Trust the Stats? A progress report in April 2020

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As I sit at my new work station in my living room, I look around and have to ask myself, is this really the new normal for us?

Is this “hidden monster” really going to change our lives for months to come or even forever? Is this virus even something we should fear? So many questions swirl around and many of us are beginning to ask ourselves if the Covid19 virus is worth months of quarantine at the total devastation of our economy and our sanity?

The numbers come in day after day and as I watch those numbers of cases and the death tolls climb higher than any other country in the world, I ask myself just how accurate those numbers really are.

The Governor of Connecticut claims to have the first infant death credited to Covid19, as the family denies the claim and admits even though the child tested positive, postmortem, for the virus, the infant died in an unfortunate home accident.

Next Louisiana claims to have the first newborn to die of Covid19. Sadly, the mother fell ill with Covid19 and went into preterm labor at 22 weeks gestation. The baby tested positive for the virus and did not survive long after birth.

These two publicly shared and disputed cases of Covid19 death have really peaked, not only my radar but many on social media. The chatter is becoming louder, questioning how much the numbers are being inflated by our government and the CDC and what is the motive? I wonder to myself what the death rate on a normal day in this country might be.

How many more deaths are we actually seeing right now than we would on any given day? Our mainstream media has yet to address this issue.

They are the ones who claim to have all the answers and they have statisticians working day and night giving us all of the numbers that are planting seeds of fear and despair among the citizens of our country and around the world. Louisiana released some numbers last week that should be eye-opening. Out of their Covid19 deaths, 97 percent had underlying issues.

The study showed that only 3 percent of the deaths were solely due to Covid19. The death rates for flu and pneumonia have dropped off almost completely now because they are all being lumped into the Covid19 death toll. If an otherwise healthy, asymptomatic person is involved in a fatal car accident tests positive for the virus, they are added to the Covid19 death toll.

How is this a realistic portrayal of the facts?

Some have said that the motive is based on a cash grab for the Federal Stimulus money by states that were suffering economically already, due to socialist programs in their state. If that is the case, it’s wrong and the country deserves to be given accurate statistics.

As we sit in our homes, waiting for this crisis to end, how long will it be before our citizens begin to distrust our officials and feel like prisoners of the state? It’s time for some true and accurate statistics. It’s time to look at this virus in realistic terms so we can get our country back to work before our economy collapses completely and to the point of no return.


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