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Since the announcement of a $50,000 reward in the legendary May 1991 unsolved murder case of Kathy Page, several new leads are being now pursued and detectives are in the process of setting up new interviews says Vidor Police Chief, Rod Carroll.

Carroll tells us, “With the help of the Good Lord maybe just maybe we will get that golden piece of evidence…”

Carroll tells 1813 that it’s a priority case as all murder cases should be. A woman reached out to us from Colorado saying she was fearful of talking about the case back then after a key witness was killed. She believes she has critical information for solving the case. 

1813 will be detailing new information as it becomes publicly available but won’t jeopardize the investigation.

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On May 18th, law enforcement sources have confirmed the body of a man found in the Neches River near Bridge City – is that of 29-year-old Luis Martinez Gonzalez.

Identification was confirmed by the family of Martinez based upon specific clothing and jewelry he was wearing .

An autopsy has been completed but the official report is still pending. HOWEVER, in speaking with an official today, 1813 was told that no foul play is suspected in Martinez’s death, and it appears that he may have drowned.

The Tennessee man had been reported missing April 26, found again in Lumberton during a traffic stop on April 28, and released. The community of Bridge City and surrounding areas organized search efforts, in cooperation with his family, to find him.

Martinez’s vehicle and personal identification had been located just off Bailey’s Camp Road in Bridge City on April 29th, and a body was found May 3rd under the Rainbow Bridge.

Mr. Martinez’s body has been released to his loved ones.

Nothing to fear? Real life with the police in Beaumont

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by Portia Bettis
When I was 7 our cat got cancer. Actually it wasn’t our cat. It was specifically my middle sister’s cat. Mommy got me a dog. But Slate belonged to my older sister. And he got cancer. Daddy paid for the first round of therapy. But then he said he wasn’t putting a cat through chemotherapy. So my middle sister decided to get a job to pay the vet expenses. She went to work at the Beaumont Country Club.
We were not strangers to the Beaumont Country Club. My oldest sister had been a Neches River Princess only a few months earlier. I would later be one. We all went to private school at some point so we knew the kids of the members. But still it was a place that we knew we were not welcome as members. We were welcome only as guests and employees. My middle sister chose to work there.
One morning my Mother opened the newspaper at breakfast and read us a story about a fake cop in a real uniform and police car he stole following women, stopping and raping them in our area. My oldest sister had just really started driving. My middle sister had a permit. I was only seven. I had no idea. I had no idea.
I don’t remember if it was the same day or a few days after that article. But my Mom tossed my oldest sister the keys to go get my middle sister from work at the Beaumont Country Club. She was tired and on the precipice of a terminal illness we knew nothing about at the time. I flew off Mommy’s lap because I wanted to go hang with my super cool older sisters. I always wanted to do that. I even remember that I was wearing my puppy night shirt. Mommy said, “You can take her. But be careful.”
We twisted and turned down the darkened pavement of Pine Street until we got to the Beaumont Country Club. My sister jumped in the back smelling of shrimp and remoulade – which I loved. We were on our way home until we hit Calder I think. A cop started following us.
At first my sister said he wasn’t following us. So she turned left. As did the cop. Then she turned right as did the cops. Then she went in the opposite direction. And the cops followed us.
On the morning that Mommy read us the article about the rapist  pretending to be a cop she said, “No matter what, make the cop follow you and pull you over in a fully lit area.” We had no cellphones at that time it. It was do or die. So after the cop had followed us block after block through Old Town, my oldest sister floored it. I don’t know what happened. I remember my middle sister cheering her on and my oldest sister rattling off about how they wouldn’t get her baby sisters. I remember shriveling up in the passenger’s seat. And we landed in a well-lit parking lot quite close to my private school.
By this time I think all of Beaumont Police Department was there. We were totally surrounded. My oldest sister jumped out of the car with her I.D. upfront. They had a gun when they instructed her to get back in the car. They kept us there for over an hour. Laughing and talking and having a good time – while we were terrified. I remember crawling onto the floor boards of the passenger seat and sobbing. At one point a cop came to the window and threatened to arrest my oldest sister and let my middle sister drive us home. My middle sister said, “I only have a permit. You would arrest me too.” At one point a random black man stopped, got out of his car and ran to see if we were okay. To this day, he is my Angel. We are fine.
They let us go. When we got home my Mother flew off the porch at my oldest sister about what took so long. As she did that, I flew into Daddy’s arms traumatized.  He said, “What happened, Big Girl?” I could not speak.
My parents questioned why we were followed block after block and why they couldn’t run the license plate immediately. The defense was they were looking for a stolen Taurus that matched our description. My sister worked herself to death at her regular job and our candy business to pay thousands of dollars of fines.
Fast forward over 20 years. I’m the only black person sitting in Chambers in a courtroom in the East Bay of Northern California. The prosecutor is Mexican. The judge is Asian. I am black. My client is a black man. The prosecutor says to me in front of the judge, “Running from cops is admission of guilt. People only run when they are guilty.” I said, “How can a Mexican be this naive?” 
I say all that to say that some people of all races have a sincere fear of how the badge is used. That doesn’t make us racist. That doesn’t make us criminals. That doesn’t make us violent or fearful. But it does make us careful, mindful and thoughtful.


Beaumont mayor responds to furor over salon picture

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A Tuesday flap over whether Beaumont mayor Becky Ames violated the city ban on the opening of nail and hair salons can be easily explained according to Ames.

“I did nothing wrong,” said Ames.

“I went by to pick up product.”

Tensions over stay at home orders and the closing of retailers led to a furor on social media. The story published exclusively by the Philip Klein Southeast Texas Political Review featured pictures of a woman who appears to be Ames in a seated position – wearing a mask.

Ames says it IS her, and says the salon (which was not named) was NOT open at the time. Ames tells 1813News the nail tech never stood near her or touched her. She says the tech was six feet away. 

The incident was at about 1 p.m. today according to Ames. The mayor says she went into the closed and hot salon for only about five minutes to get acetone solution. She says she had never used the “powder” before and asserts the tech showed her how to use it from a distance.

What do we know? The mayor was at the council meeting by 1:30 so the furor may be the fastest scandal in history. We know people demand personal accountability from their leaders. And we know Mayor Ames has explained HER SIDE of the story while acknowledging that she should be accountable. The city order allows the pick-up of products right now. And the mayor says the tech voluntarily offered to help. 1813 is no apologist for the mayor’s office, and maybe you’re still mad at her. But does it look like she got her nails done?


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Mark Chestnutt remembers Joe Diffie

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“It didn’t really hit home till today, when I lost my buddy.”

Country music legend Mark Chesnutt describes the shock of losing his friend Joe Diffie to COVID 19.


1813 Abundant Life: A “Reckless Luv” Kind of Recovery

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Ambre Guillot starts an extraordinary new experience for the formerly addicted in Orange.

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Little Girl Makes a Big Difference

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An 11-year-old Mauriceville area girl stands ready to upend the earth from its axis. Just a little at a time.

Faith Thompson fell in love with the children on a TV commercial and decided to do something exceptional. Offering rubber bracelets to raise money for a hospital that needs millions to operate. Faith decided she would help. $3 at a time.

She wants to help and Faith Thompson is making a difference.

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Ace SETX Investigative Reporter Philip Klein as you’ve NEVER seen him before

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Kevin Steele sat down with Philip Klein.

His story in his own words!

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1813 EXCLUSIVE: Congressional Challenger in CD14 Answers to Claims of Links to White Supremacist

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1813 has learned the challenger to Congressman Randy Weber in the CD-14 primary has called himself a “stalker” of Canadian white nationalist leader Stefan Molyneux.

Jeff Foxworth is running against Weber in the primary.

The Friendswood Republican has come under heavy pressure on the allegations he has links to a man who believes in “scientific racism.” A term for an ideology that accepts that whites and Ashkenazi Jews are high on the IQ scale and that African-Americans are at the bottom along with indigenous Australians.

When 1813 asked Foxworth about the allegations he told us he does not see that Molyneux had done anything wrong or was a racist.

But only a few weeks ago, Foxworth posted on his own Facebook account that he had been a “stalker” of the YouTube personality Molyneux. Foxworth expressed an interest in the views of the Canadian podcaster. Molyneux who has been widely criticized and was even protested at a planned speech in New Zealand.