Has COVID19 robbed us of our Freedoms?

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I wanted to update everyone on a few happenings pertaining to the COVID-19 “social distancing” policies in the United States the past several weeks.

There was a protest in Houston at 3 PM Friday, April 24th because Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo ordered potential fines of $1,000 for anyone not wearing a mask even outside their homes (if over 10 years old.) Really? A kid can’t play in his yard or walk, ride his bike down his street? Ridiculous!  Not really the time for hefty fines with so many people in Houston loosing their jobs and worrying how to pay their bills.

The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmire, is having the time of her life with her power trip. She says idiotic things like, “it’s not okay to mow your lawn or buy seeds.”

You can go out in a boat with your family as long as the boat does not have a motor. If you have a second home, you cannot go to it. Nor, can you go visit family. She came very close to letting a serial killer out of prison to keep him from catching Covid-19. But if you were seen in public without a mask on or breaking social distancing rules you can be arrested! That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Interesting how the rules do not apply for her. She is not “social distancing”. She has been on several talk shows blasting the President and enjoying her 15 minutes of fame in hopes that Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden will recognize her as a hero of the left and ask her to be his running mate. After all, everyone knows whoever becomes Joe Biden’s VP will actually be running the country VERY soon after the election if he were to somehow win due to Joe’s lack of mental capabilities.

When NY Mayor Bill De Blasio (who was seen more than once not adhering to social distancing guidelines) wants to open New York City really soon on May 15th, even though it is the biggest hot spot in the country, then more rural states like Texas, Arkansas and Ohio should be able to open IMMEDIATELY! Why should states with WAY fewer cases be on the same timetable as NY state? That’s just ludicrous.

Two sheriffs in Washington state say they will NOT enforce the governor’s stay at home order.  “I believe that not allowing business owners being able to open and operate their businesses and provide for their families intrudes on their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” said one.

I have faith that Americans will not put up with this very much longer. Many Americans were taught not to take handouts and to stand on your own two feet and support your family. At first, it may have felt a bit like a vacation for some, but now people are bored and tired of staying at home. People are worried about their jobs and putting food on their kids tables at this point. Many Americans have worked their entire lives building businesses that are going under fast and some have already closed – never to reopen again. Others are hanging by a thread of hope this will be over soon.

Hard working Americans enjoy the small amount of leisure time they get and are starting to feel pinned up and caged- in, and this IS still America darn it, enough is enough!

One concern is if we keep going this way we will soon have a food and meat shortage. Farmers are throwing away thousands of gallons of milk and fruits and vegetables by the truck loads because their workers aren’t allowed to come to work. And restaurants are their largest customers.

A food shortage will only make people’s aggravation worse! I mean, we’ve been staying home a lot, but we have been eating well! You know what they say about hungry angry people? They’re  called “HANGRY” and it isn’t good!

Former federal prosecutor and former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy said it best when he said, “Americans are sacrificial, but they have the right to ask why? If the answer is not rooted in rationality, and part of a solution to the problem they have the right to protest.”

Gowdy is a great Patriot and is not part of the “elite.” He understands the American middle class.

On the other end of the spectrum, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo told a lady worried about losing her job to “go get a job as a first responder, they are hiring. That way you don’t have to kill anyone.”

He proved he is COMPLETELY out of touch with regular working Americans. The media has been calling him things like “the golden governor” and “America’s governor,” but what the sooooo Out of Touch Media doesn’t realize is that many Americans CANNOT stand him, and his constant whining and crying. And blaming President Trump for all his problems daily in the news briefings in New York has solidified those opinions.

NY hasn’t had a balanced budget since he got into office. Even though their citizens pay a TON of state taxes. Cuomo’s liberal policies that support sanctuary cities, health care for all and enable a HUGE homeless population have ruined New York. And people have been leaving in droves for less liberal states with lower taxes.

On a bit of a different subject, I was really glad to see President Trump’s tweet about his news conference being a “waste of time and effort.”

The media do not even ask pertinent questions, they just hound on the same few subjects in hopes that he will say something to make him look bad! Running the country isn’t easy and if the media don’t have good questions, then why should he do it at all?

Well, I say all of this to say this – Americans are tough, brave and smart! Let’s adhere to President Trump’s guidelines and take the steps outlined in his plans (and the plans of VP Mike Pence) and let’s get back to work SAFELY!

States like Texas and Ohio that have done a wonderful job and kept their cases very low should be able to start the process immediately! See you guys on the flip side of this “global pandemic!”

One day we will have quite a story to tell our grandkids, but right now it’s time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get out there! One more time I say- SAFELY!  God Bless America. The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!



Sexual Assault Allegations: How the media has failed to honestly investigate Joe Biden

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It is amazing to me how the media are ignoring the sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden. Especially when they were SO quick to be the judge and jury in the accusations against U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Brett Kavanaugh. It is amazing how fast the #metoo movement mantra “Believe ALL women” went out the window as soon as a Democratic presidential candidate was accused of sexual assault!

Let’s compare the two accusations.

Christine Blasey Ford, who accused Justice Kavanaugh of attacking her at a DC house party many years earlier, stated under questioning she couldn’t recollect the year of the alleged assault, how she got to the party, at whose home the party was held, or who took her home. It was later generally acknowledged that the party took place in 1982 although no sexual assault was ever verified. ALL 4 of her so-called “witnesses” did not remember specifics about the party either. 

Two additional women later came forth represented by the “creepy porn lawyer” Michael Avenatti, who is now jailed in New York on a felony extortion conviction. Both of the latter accusers later admitted, at separate times, that they had fabricated portions of their statements, and we’re not sure they had ever met Brett Kavanaugh. In fact, there is NO proof Brett Kavanaugh ever even MET Christine Blasey Ford, the original accuser.

In the case of “Creepy Joe” Biden, it is a known fact that Tara Reade worked for Joe Biden and worked for him closely during the time in which she says the sexual assault occurred. Just before Biden announced his campaign in the spring, 8 women (including Reade) came forward and said that Biden made them feel uncomfortable with inappropriate physical displays of affection.

We’ve all seen the clips of Biden sniffing and touching young girls and women. They are clearly uncomfortable. Why crickets from the media on this? The SAME People that were hell-bent on ruining Kavanaugh’s life are either ignoring the accusations against Biden or saying they are not sure how they feel about it short of evidence. Really? Surely they aren’t serious? Doesn’t this woman deserve to be believed too?

NOW… oh, NOW they care about evidence? HYPOCRITES!! Brett Kavanaugh has led a pristine, upstanding life with zero scandals. He has worked with and around women for years! The women he has known in his life INCLUDING the women that worked for him came out in DROVES defending him!

The entire thing was unwarranted and gut-wrenching for Kavanaugh’s family. The accusers tried and almost succeeded in ruining the man’s entire life. He was receiving death threats and his family couldn’t leave their home for weeks. His young girls may NEVER get over the trauma of it all. I can still see his wife’s face in that courtroom! It was heartbreaking to watch. The liberal media and Democrats in Washington owe Brett Kavanaugh, his wife, his parents and his daughters a HUGE apology! I won’t hold my breath!


Beat the agenda, get a COVID19 “mental survival” plan

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As we enter our second month of quarantine (yes, say that again, SECOND MONTH), many of us have enjoyed quite a bit more face time with our TV than we have in years. Who has thought about the effect that has, not only our health but our sanity?

As I watch pressers updating us on coronavirus (local news, national news, 24 hour a day cable news, specialty news programs and news based talk shows) I begin to wonder what the effect of so much news has on us.

Not only us but our children and every aspect of our daily lives. I think back to when I was a child and our television programming wasn’t overtaken by news. It was definitely a simpler time for Generation X. We only had 3 basic networks and we could sometimes tune in PBS to watch Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. We had morning children’s programming followed by game shows and the soap operas. We had afterschool children’s programming until the evening local and national news. We had family dinner at the table and then nightly sit-coms and dramas that were family oriented. Late night programming consisted of variety and talk shows like Johnny Carson.

Our news anchors were trusted, to the point, and all about the facts. Some of you might remember Walter Cronkite and his no-nonsense, to the point, nothing but the news style. I remember hearing “And that’s the way it is”, as he closed his nightly report. Today is a stark contrast to those times. Our programming now consists of 24 hour news, music, sports and reality programming, not only on our TV but in our hands, on our phones and every other device we own. We have to sift between real and fake news sites, as well as on our local and national news, not to mention news posts and the dreaded news memes on social media.

What is real and what is fake has become a hot topic lately. I never thought much about what we were being told by our news personalities because the news I was raised on was based on fact, not entertainment or any other agenda. Yep, I said it, AGENDA.

Only recently have I begun to really pay attention to exactly what I was seeing and hearing. Our mainstream media, who we are supposed to be able to trust to give us the truth has let me and many others down during this crisis.

I have personally seen news reports of coronavirus stories using videos of “patients” on ventilators, that were actually mannequins, caskets stacked in warehouses that were really clips from a movie, overflowing US hospital ICU’s that were taken from news reports from Italian hospitals. Their revelations of fake news, along with opinion reporting, leave us in a state of distrust with our news media. If you haven’t personally noticed these things, you only need to do a little research.

One thing I ran across, was Project Mockingbird. The basis of Project Mockingbird is that the government dictates many of our news stories – from the words used to the inflection of the statement. There is a Youtube video that demonstrates how multiple news groups used the exact same words and inflection for a promo about coronavirus. This wasn’t just one network or even left leaning vs. right leaning networks, but ALL networks.

I’ll leave the research to you to see for yourself but it leads me to wonder how much of our news is directed by agenda and opinion and how we should process the things being fed to us by media. How much news is too much? Talk shows and late night shows have become propaganda machines instead of variety and entertainment.

My prescription for better mental health through this pandemic is as follows: turn off the TV and go sit in your yard. Soak up some sunshine & talk to God. Facetime friends and family. Use this time to find a hobby or just reconnect to things other than the media. If you see a story that concerns you, do your own research.

It’s time to mind not just your physical health but your mental health also.


Can we Trust the Stats? A progress report in April 2020

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As I sit at my new work station in my living room, I look around and have to ask myself, is this really the new normal for us?

Is this “hidden monster” really going to change our lives for months to come or even forever? Is this virus even something we should fear? So many questions swirl around and many of us are beginning to ask ourselves if the Covid19 virus is worth months of quarantine at the total devastation of our economy and our sanity?

The numbers come in day after day and as I watch those numbers of cases and the death tolls climb higher than any other country in the world, I ask myself just how accurate those numbers really are.

The Governor of Connecticut claims to have the first infant death credited to Covid19, as the family denies the claim and admits even though the child tested positive, postmortem, for the virus, the infant died in an unfortunate home accident.

Next Louisiana claims to have the first newborn to die of Covid19. Sadly, the mother fell ill with Covid19 and went into preterm labor at 22 weeks gestation. The baby tested positive for the virus and did not survive long after birth.

These two publicly shared and disputed cases of Covid19 death have really peaked, not only my radar but many on social media. The chatter is becoming louder, questioning how much the numbers are being inflated by our government and the CDC and what is the motive? I wonder to myself what the death rate on a normal day in this country might be.

How many more deaths are we actually seeing right now than we would on any given day? Our mainstream media has yet to address this issue.

They are the ones who claim to have all the answers and they have statisticians working day and night giving us all of the numbers that are planting seeds of fear and despair among the citizens of our country and around the world. Louisiana released some numbers last week that should be eye-opening. Out of their Covid19 deaths, 97 percent had underlying issues.

The study showed that only 3 percent of the deaths were solely due to Covid19. The death rates for flu and pneumonia have dropped off almost completely now because they are all being lumped into the Covid19 death toll. If an otherwise healthy, asymptomatic person is involved in a fatal car accident tests positive for the virus, they are added to the Covid19 death toll.

How is this a realistic portrayal of the facts?

Some have said that the motive is based on a cash grab for the Federal Stimulus money by states that were suffering economically already, due to socialist programs in their state. If that is the case, it’s wrong and the country deserves to be given accurate statistics.

As we sit in our homes, waiting for this crisis to end, how long will it be before our citizens begin to distrust our officials and feel like prisoners of the state? It’s time for some true and accurate statistics. It’s time to look at this virus in realistic terms so we can get our country back to work before our economy collapses completely and to the point of no return.


My take on the Enemy of the People

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President Trump has said, “the media is the enemy of the people.”

Never has that been more evident than in the recent days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Every day, President Trump has a press conference where he brings in amazing and smart authorities on different subjects: The CDC, SBA, FEMA, FDA, The IG, the AG, and CEO’s of corporations. All of these organizations provide valuable information about how to assist in the war against this unseen enemy.

What does the media do? They direct every question to the president in efforts to trip him up and make him look bad. (Unsuccessfully, I will add.) This is a time that the media should be providing the American people with much-needed information by asking pertinent questions related to the pandemic. That would be REAL journalism! Journalists in the olden days had integrity, and the world relied on their information. People couldn’t even tell which political party the reporters backed!

Today, it is so sad that many have become partisan hacks and will not do or say anything unless it forwards their party’s agenda. To hell with what’s best for America as a whole.

President Trump has done a GREAT job weaving and dodging these ridiculous questions! He always answers them thoroughly. On Friday, for example, it was painful to watch as he tried to give the media a lesson on logistics and distribution. It was like he was teaching first graders. He had to keep repeating himself, and they just kept rewording the same questions!

President Trump is working so hard to keep us informed. He is meeting with the heads of oil companies and PPE providers, along with healthcare workers and world leaders. He has even rescued Americans during this time.

However, the media could care less. It seems that they only care about how this pandemic can be detrimental to President Trump in the November election. Do they not see their ratings plunging? Do they not see the past failures of Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and their endless investigations? How could they not see the fact that the American people are fed up with these shenanigans?

I will tell you how: “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS). What started after the 2016 election as kind of a snarky joke has proven to be a real disorder! They cannot see the forest for the trees. They still have not figured out why the American people elected Donald Trump in the first place. If they did, if they really understood, they would give President Trump a break and let him speak and actually listen. They would ask questions that are important to the American people about their safety and then answer those questions on their news broadcasts and in their articles. Instead, they brag about being part of the “RESISTANCE”.

Do they not know Americans LOVE an underdog? Do they not know that all they are doing is igniting the love and trust of the American people for our President?

No, they do not understand because T.D.S. is real! It has forced liberals and left-wing media to lose all sense of reality! This is quite OK with me because Americans are smart and do not need them to figure out fact from fiction. The media is absolutely no help during this crisis. They USED to be vital.

It is sad to watch their demise, but they’ve done it to themselves. The reason President Trump tweets all of the time is because the media is simply useless. He must go around them to speak to us.

President Trump said the other day that he is “America’s Cheerleader.” Thank God for him because these are stressful times, and if all we did was listen to the media we would all be depressed and have no hope for America’s future.

THANK YOU, President Trump! We, the people, appreciate all of the hard work you are doing (for ZERO pay,) And we are behind you 100%! WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL.


Is South East Texas on the Brink of Economic Collapse?

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I am astounded and you should be too. Just a brief thought for those of you who thought the planet would NOT be pummeled to a halt by CV19 – take a look. In the height of the 2008 collapse the Richter scale of regular life spiked. It spiked to one fifth of what we are already seeing in Texas unemployment.

The New York Times illustrates this in a classic way. More than 100,000 jobless claims filed last week. THIS is what leads to a  business catastrophe. And before you say – well businesses are owned by rich people please reflect that if those “rich people” don’t keep the company up and running, YOU or your NEIGHBOR or his neighbor don’t have a “paying gig” either.  

Wow. This is epic scale stuff. Message me if you are seeing the impact already. Give me some idea of just how bad its gotten here in Southeast Texas. 


Give the man some room to work!

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I am Bewildered! The press handling in general of President Trump never ceases to amaze. At Tuesday afternoon’s White House press conference, CNN’S Jim Acosta – ever the gentle dove of an inquisitor – looked at a graph of the now-famous Death Model curve and asked the President if it wasn’t quite possible that the curve would be different if President Trump had only reacted earlier.

Now, on its face it looks like a good question. Would an earlier mitigation have saved lives? Acosta noted that China and South Korea had experienced January and February losses that could have served as a bell-weather of what U.S. residents might expect.

Thing is, Acosta knows for a fact already that the President had acted well in advance of a travel ban with China – by weeks. The World Health Organization was not recommending a travel ban when Trump decided to implement one. The President was monitoring conditions and talking with President Xi but was he supposed to order 5,000 ventilators by the end of the hour?

Must EVERY line of questioning center in some form or fashion on, “Mr. President, isn’t there a way that you were silly, cruel, short-sighted, inept, ignorant or mind numbingly racially motivated on XYZ topic?”

Indeed, an MSNBC anchor inferred the President was terribly dumb for allowing CEO’s to talk this week about their efforts to mass-produce materials for saving the lives of coronavirus patients. One network knucklehead thought it was just outrageous that My Pillow founder Mike Lindell would reference something so banal as a return to prayer and the guidance of the Holy Bible. Yo! World! If you don’t like how someone worships or even IF they worship, then don’t look at it. It doesn’t even affect you. It doesn’t create a vortex of human misery if the pillow boy mentions HIS personal views on a Higher Power. Let up, for goodness sake. What does it matter?

The Spanish flu of 1918-1920 claimed roughly 50 MILLION lives. Would it impress any reporter in DC if Trump’s swift action brought the potential U.S. deaths from a projected 2 million deaths to something closer to 200,000? More than 20 percent of the planet contracted the swine flu in 2009, including some of my friends. And yet only about a half million people died. Ya know why? ACTION. And better science. Maybe folks could let President Trump ACT?

These folks just plain don’t “get it.” On one hand they will find a way to attack the sitting President for moving too SLOWLY in some unspecified way on somehow stopping a virus from circling the globe, while simultaneously criticizing whether he is moving too RAPIDLY on the approval of potentially life-saving drugs. The whole thing implies the President is always wrong for either leading too timidly or too boldly.

What if a hydroxychloriquine cocktail could almost immediately begin choking out the disease created by the virus? You get the sense it would truly disappoint some network correspondents. 

Conservatives, remember how nauseating it was to hear the steady voodoo-doll pricking of the conservative President. Something has to change when a progressive President takes the Residence. It makes a difference. 

As for the White House press corps, my view is that an over dependence on hyper-critical reporting is occupationally suicidal. Its no wonder the American people are sick of the parade of similar hatchet job questioning. 800 Americans died today. Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. Its clear President Trump is working to save lives as quickly as possible. Can you let the man work? That way I won’t have to stay bewildered at the tone of every press conference.




Sympathy for the Socialists: How Bernie Sanders lost South Carolina

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Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders threw former President Barack Obama under the bus Tuesday night in a CBS News debate in the Palmetto State.

While the candidates tussled chaotically over issues like the closing of the borders as a protection from the coronavirus, the TRILLIONS that would be spent on Sanders social programs and retaliatory cyber attacks – the transcendent issue was always about front-runner Bernie Sanders.

How extremist would the Vermont US Senator come off on the issue of socialism? Sanders explained his ultimate views midway through the debate. Sanders said it was former President Obama who praised Cuba for its educational reforms.

See, that way Sanders doesn’t sound nearly so close to the precipice. In doing so – Sanders sealed his demise. He lost South Carolina! When Sanders argued that its NOT radical to propose a Medicare for All program that would cost $60 Trillion. That kind of money is RADICAL. Real Radical.

South Carolina is a no-nonsense state. Sen. Hillary Clinton won the state in the 2016 Democratic primary by nailing Sanders on what she described as extremist views on dismantling the Affordable Care Act. Clinton and Sanders squabbled hard over that issue but of course that healthcare system is nothing compared with the dismantling of an entire political ideology.

When the dust settled, Clinton won a landslide – capturing more than 47% of the Democratic vote by painting “Bernie” as a radical.

Tuesday Sanders told us there is nothing “radical” about sympathizing with Venezuela and Cuba – and spending $60 trillion. Sanders said his slogan for the night was from apartheid warrior Nelson Mandela. Using the comment that everything “is impossible until it happens.”

Its impossible to get South Carolinians to agree that ANYTHING in Venezuela and Cuba is worth a try.