breaking: 3 men indicted in arbery slaying

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Three Georgia men now face federal hate crime charges in connection with the February 2020 shooting death of an unarmed black man.

65 year old Gregory McMichael, his son Travis and 51 year old William Bryan will answer to the charges in a videotaped shooting incident that claimed the life of the young man.

Prosecutors say 25 year old Ahmad Arbery was simply taking a job when he was confronted by the men. Arbery was seen on the video being shot to death.

The men told police they believed Arbery had committed a series of break-ins around the small community of Brunswick, Georgia. But authorities never linked Arbery with any of those crimes. The men have pleaded not guilty to murder charges. 



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Parents, students, teachers – almost everyone in sight is saying no to the nonsense of the Defund the Police mantra these days.

Even at the presumptively Ultra-Liberal enclave of Berkeley, California High School.

When the whacky lefty crowd said we should get rid of the school’s SRO (School Resource Officer) things got interesting.

The district decided to poll parents and others and everyone expected the left to have won the day and thought the results of the polling would be predictable. Something that would SOUND like “down with the darn police-like” dude in the hallway.

Last June the nearby Oakland Unified School District canned its whole district police force as the mantra spread after the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis. 47 officers got the ax. 47.

But none of this seems to have had a lingering effect. 

The opposite of the rubber-stamp vote happened.

Zero teachers at Berkeley High agreed with the statement that the SRO was “hostile or mistrustful of kids.” Even some teachers who supported removing the SRO couldn’t agree that it made sense.

And fewer than 6% of students had been infected with the anti-police doctrine. Tiny minorities deemed the SRO “hostile or mistrustful of kids.”

In fact, 72% of Black students, 73% of Latino students, 77% of Asian students, and 62% of white students said “keep” the SRO.

So raise a glass to good ole Berkeley High. In a community that has seen so much societal evolution, reform may be in the air. Reform BACK to common sense approaches in policing.


inniocent man cleared

charges dropped against decorated vet after 10 mths

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An Orange man has been cleared of bank fraud and 2 counts of conspiracy charges. We DON’T HEAR OFTEN ENOUGH ABOUT THE GUY FREED of charges.

The charges against Jacob Brown were dismissed because there is NOTHING THERE. How does this stuff get to prosecution? Brown’s boss gave him checks that bounced and HE got accused.

The charges sat there without merit for 10 months AFTER the Purple Heart recipient and Marine/US Army vet spent 6 days in jail.

Brown told us today, “I committed no crime. My boss wrote me a bad check, remember. I’m as much the victim as the store clerk.

Now, Brown has some decision to make.

“Yes I will seek civil action. For my pain and suffering. My name and reputation was blasted. My rights were violated on numerous occasions.”

After ten months of waiting, Brown’s court proceeding today to determine that the charges had been dismissed took about 30 seconds.



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A Lakeview (North Vidor) 13-year-old has turned into a BULLET in a racing kart! And he’s destroying adult racing competitors in it. In fact, Caleb Eichler stands poised to be in the running for Rookie of the Year honors in the NASKART Pro Racing Series if he keeps up at this rate!

Eichler is truly a sensation. But it’s taken hard work.

“It doesn’t even feel like you’re going that fast. I never get scared. I’ve always been a racing fan. and when I got into iRacing, which is a computer simulator, I knew I’d enjoy it,” said Caleb.

What does it feel like to beat adults in a race that they’ve been competing in for years?

“It feels good to know that – and I’m not trying to sound cocky – but it feels good to know that I can be faster than some of these guys.”

13! And competing in the adult series of kart racing! It means intense NASKART racing at speeds that top 105 mph in the draft. And often 85 mph in the clean air. Now THAT, is just plain “smokin’.”

A 13-year-old who handles G-forces similar to what an Indy-car driver faces in every race.

Caleb Eichler made his rookie debut in the series just earlier this month after about 8 months of preparation to be in the sport.

He has raced at the Houston Motorsports Park and finished 5th, and is currently in the middle of a 13-race schedule for 2021.

Caleb is likely to zoom past the competition at North Texas Raceway and the Hill Country Karting Club as well later this year.

Look. Caleb Eichler is just a great young man. The kind of guy everybody likes to support. Caleb even salutes during the national anthem of The Daytona. And of COURSE he wouldn’t miss watching it on the tube! One day, Eichler may well race in the 500!


Caleb’s father, Dale Eichler, saw his son’s love of racing after the pair watched the Circuit of The America’s race in Austin in 2019. Caleb and Dale decided it was time to move into the sports in a big way. And Reata Racing was born!

In August of last year the family bought the kart. It’s a methanol-fueled JET by now – after HOURS of work. The kart runs a highly modified Honda GX270 engine. And in the hands of a serious young man and careful tutelage during the races, Caleb has been MELTING the tracks. 90 mph with his hair on fire (metaphorically) most of the time. Already, Caleb has beaten 2018, 2019, and 2020 NASKART champions. All adults!

Eichler already has a 4-race commitment for next season to run in the Allison Legacy Series and could move up in 2023.

Barely a teen, and boiling down the track. If he keeps beating the adults you know for a fact he’s going to be a contender. And that’s going to make him a hero in Vidor. Something we can ALL cheer about!  



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Neat things you learn in U.S. House of Representatives hearings. Things like, “Yes, REPUBLICANS WE ARE AUTHORIZED TO BE GATHERING UP INFORMATION ABOUT YOU!”

No, the Director of National Intelligence actually said it this past week.

In the hearing of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Thursday DNI Avril Haines verbalized something as ill-fated as her youthful decision to re-build the avionics on a Cessna and fly herself across the Atlantic Ocean. Haines crash-landed in Newfoundland. And on Thursday Haines pretty much described the plunging crash of what we once accepted as fairness in investigating our own people.

Haines told California Congressman Devin Nunes and others on the committee that the National Counter-Terrorism Center has a broad latitude to analyze information collected about American citizens. Not just from FBI either. Haines said the NCTC “has the statutory authority to receive domestic intelligence,” and then analyze that data. 

Until now policy makers were pretty much in consensus that NCTC analyzed FOREIGN data. Opposed FOREIGN threats.

All of this NATURALLY set off Congressman Nunes who said, “The Democrats see political benefits in characterizing wide swaths of American citizens particularly Republicans and conservatives as politically suspect, politically violent and deserving of government surveillance… however, I will remind those assembled here today that our intelligence community exists solely to counteract foreign threats.”

Nunes made a polite and reasonable request of the Democratic-nominated intelligence chiefs who would appear before the committee. He asked them to please engage in, “activities other than investigating conservatives and spying on Republican presidential campaigns.”

How sweet.

How times have changed.

In days long gone it would have been shameful for a center to compile information on Americans. Its been specifically codified that only FBI has authority to look at domestic threats for 50 years. 

Now, the leader of all the intelligence agencies believes its okay that the National Counter Terrorism Center is legally allowed to gather and analyze information on certain Americans IF they just don’t COLLECT that information themselves.

Its a thoroughly unique approach, and whistleblower Nunes might even argue a national strategy of spying on one’s own. What a plane wreck we find ourselves in!



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A new video points to the potential implications, some possibly even unintended, of the newly-passed (in the House of Representatives) HR 5 of the 117th Congress. Already some states have offered LGBTQ related protections to children as young as kindergarten-age. Are these coming to Texas? Is this a societal shift that poses graves concerns for our kids? Tell your friends and support 1813News as we watch out for you. Here is a video you can only see here and not on social media without censorship. Please spread the word. See the video here below.



While you were doing the Christmas shopping an EPIC LEGAL maneuver was made. And it sets the stage for a legal battle that may well decide the shape of your 2nd Amendment rights for decades to come.

The Attorneys General of 16 states last week (Dec. 24th, 2020) filed an amicus brief alongside the National Rifle Association counter-suit against New York Attorney General Letitia James. Its been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York.

It could be monumental.

As you probably remember, James (New York’s top legal gun) fulfilled her campaign promises to go after the NRA by bringing a lawsuit in August. She alleged misuse of funds.

This LEGAL battle is reminiscent of a LITERAL December battle some time ago.

By December 1776, 11,000 colonial volunteers had walked away from General Washington’s battered army and writer Thomas Paine noted them as “summer soldiers” – valuable only when conditions were sunny and bright.

By December 2020, more than 74 million Americans had watched a Lawless Election go against them. The swing states all broke their own election laws to get the vote counted in November 2020.

Many American conservatives by this December had grown weary of facing into the bitter wind of injustice, mockery, and cancel culture. Injustice that was cloaked in complaints of social injustice from the other side. Who can argue that the “paragon of wokeness” – Facebook – committed a grave sin by suppressing the opinions of millions of Americans this fall. If Americans were wrong in their views on Hunter Biden or the transmission of COVID19 or any of a hundred conspiracy theories – they were still Americans, correct? They were surely worthy of the protection of free expression, correct? No. Free speech had evaporated. It was then that many Americans realized the “summer” had long since gone.

And it was on THIS LANDSCAPE that the constitutional liberty to own arms for personal protection came under assault.

The NRA has been the stalwart defender of those liberties for decades.

It was here that we started to see “summer soldiers” turn into soldiers. Not in the violent literal sense. But in the no-less crucial UNRELENTING activist sense. Southeast Texans started talking about trips to Austin and Washington for the purposes of peaceful protest. They started joining activist groups like Take America Back Texas.

One of Thomas Paine’s contemporaries, Alexander Hamilton, started a newspaper that could actually be censored by October 2020. And in a Media Research Center poll 17% of respondents said they would have switched their vote had they known of the allegations against Hunter Biden. Allegations made clear in the New York Post articles that were censored.

Will more states join the 16 Attorneys General (December 2020) that have launched this legal defensive action alongside the National Rifle Association?

Its an epic confrontation.

TeaParty.org had the exclusive story this month.

James wants the NRA dissolved – alleging the abuses and misspending of funds. And conservatives now realize the left is SERIOUS about these matters. And the Culture War described a decade ago has gone from cold to hot.

Notwithstanding the specific allegations made, many conservatives believe the NRA taken as a whole should NOT be held responsible even if there were cases of wrongdoing by individuals within the organization.

Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre for example is a defendant in the James’ suit. This countersuit could result in the defense of the NRA and the commensurate protection of your 2nd Amendment rights.

So now we can see the open litigational conflict emerging with the December 2020 action by the Attorneys General of the states – which include Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Missouri. And the writers at the TeaParty.org website understand that conflict well when they argue, “this is what defending liberty looks like.”

AND NOW we see ourselves to be in the crucible of time. The NEW soldiers who’ve transcended the passive summer soldiers of 2019. Where are the other states in this lawsuit? Will the other Attorneys General begin to see this Clash of Ideas for what it really is? You’ve done much already patriot. But maybe there is more you can now do! Remember, apart from the writings of Thomas Paine on the “summer soldier” there may have been no victory at Trenton – let alone a crossing of the Delaware.


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YOU got stomped by Facebook. YOU got censored over and over. And President Trump TRIED to come to your defense. So what happened?

We hear Facebook censorship horror stories every day (if you believe in the right of a free people to freely say almost anything they wish in public.)

In one SETX example a woman was put in FB “jail” for 21 days. She says her account was restricted in such a way that seems egregious if not familiar. She was re-restricted (to make a point) twice in just a 9 day period. All prior to the election. She was even fact checked for sharing a recipe, she says. At some point it just goes into harassment of conservatives.

But Trump realized all that for the prohibitions on expression that it clearly is.

Thing is – Senate Republicans did NOT even give him a chance.

President Trump threatened he would not sign the annual National Defense Authorization Act WITHOUT language to strip the social media companies of some legal protections. Protections that have essentially given the multi-billion dollar profit centers the right to allow speech that falls into “approved” channels and smash speech which might be divergent to the prevailing FB view. 

Senators have railed for months about what they call abuses and censorship imposed on American conservatives by the social media services. Then when it really counted they did NOT stand against it.

Arguably the defense bill was not the right time or place. But when WILL that time arrive?

Republican U.S. Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma argued that he doesn’t like Section 230 of the Communications Act, but then failed to fight for the President’s 230 language in the bill.

Trump tweeted last night (Tuesday the 1st of December) that, “Section 230, which is a liability shielding gift from the U.S. to ‘Big Tech’ (the only companies in America that have it – corporate welfare!), is a serious threat to our National Security & Election Integrity. Our Country can never be safe & secure if we allow it to stand.”

But by morning it was clear even GOP Senators had gone another direction. 

Yet again – Trump has NOT had the support of the same lawmakers who say they want his policy objectives enacted.

If not now – when?



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Its been said that the truth will set you free. Friday (Nov. 27) lawyers fought for the truth with lawsuits arguing that ballots were manipulated in 3 states. They say computer systems were doctored – manipulating 1.5 milion votes. That would be enough votes to provide a re-election victory for President Donald Trump.

But a data expert says we can forget the truth on the 2020 Presidential Election.

We will hit the highlights and let you read more in Epoch Times and get a synopsis from my friend and former Congressional candidate Bill Sargent.

Trump campaign data and strategy director Matt Braynard says its an irretrievable mess.

Braynard is quoted as saying, “I cannot say with confidence who won this election. I don’t think anybody can.”

He says it could easily have been won by Trump and we will likely never know short of a Re-do of massive proportions. Braynard says his team has noted 1.2 million voters issues in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada. 

This is a campaign man. But look what he says he’s discovered.

Braynard says 138,221 Georgians submitted post office change of address forms saying they had moved out of state – but they also voted in Georgia. He alleges more than 1,000 people voted absentee in Georgia using a PO Box instead of a real address – which is illegal in the Peach State. Another 1,400 did it in Pennsylvania.

In Georgia alone more than 150,000 ILLEGAL votes were cast – while 43,688 LEGAL ballots were NOT tabulated he says.

People were also reportedly able to vote more than once.

“I can show you the names of the people and the records of them having voted in multiple states and the raw data that the states make available,” said Braynard.

In places, people were required to ASK for a mail-in ballot. People reported not getting those ballots after their request. Others got mail-in ballots but had never asked for them. In Pennsylvania, tens of thousands of ballots were requested by registered Republicans who never GOT their ballots.

The reports are compelling and you MUST read more at the follwing site.