Missing 15 year old from Cypress could be spotted in our area

Jadyn Maxey is missing. BREAKING NEWS | MISSING 15 YEAR OLD OUT OF THE HOUSTON AREA (CYPRESS) and YOU may have the key sighting that could save her. Maxey was last seen on the 23rd on E. Cypress Hill Circle. She may be with a male in the San Antonio area but we are in such proximity that you may want to keep an eye out here as well… 15 year old Jadeyn may be in some danger. Call 713-222-8477 if you have any information… Please share?

Train/4-Wheeler crash near IronHorse Terminal

TONIGHT’S COLLISION INVOLVING A MAN on a 4-wheeler and a train occurred at the 11800 block US Hwy 90 west of Beaumont. The man has been transported for urgent medical care. This happened just west of the Beaumont Municipal Airport. Acadian Ambulance personnel have treated the four wheeler driver at the scene. The extent of his injuries is unclear at this time. It happened near Iron Horse Terminal.

Dems proving to be ineffective.

In November last year, the Dems came out of the elections as if they had the power of a mandate because they controlled the WH and both houses of Congress. Never mind that they had a 50/50 split in the Senate and only held the House by 8 members. 

They were going to get rid of the Senate filibuster, make DC a state, pack the Supreme Court, and shove legislation down the Conservatives’ throats. Nancy and Chick were large and in charge!

Boy did they make fools of themselves. I thought that the GOP had a problem with getting things done when they were in control. But the current Democrat-led Congress is charting a new course in ineffective leadership.

It is especially apparent right now in the infrastructure legislation. Everybody celebrated when the Senate declared they had a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Biden claimed that it proved he could bring both sides together. 

But leave it to Nancy, and Biden himself, to screw it all up. The Senate can pass the $1T+ bill all they want, but Nancy is holding her ground on moving that bill along in the House ONLY if the Senate passes the $3.7T “human” infrastructure bill. They are wanting to do it through budget reconciliation like they did earlier this year on another bill. 

But Nancy just will not concede that the Senate does not have the 50 votes required to get this done in the Senate because Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema has let it be known that they are not in favor of the $3.7T plan just like they have stood in the way of packing the court and getting rid of the filibuster. They both have big problems with the hefty price tag on the second bill. I guess they still do not believe them when they say “no”.

Nancy and Chuck are leading their parts of Congress in a way that reminds me of what it would look like to watch a monkey hump a football. And in doing so they prove that Biden is incapable of getting the 2 sides to work together. 

But that is ok with me. Having a stalled Congress is in the best interest of all of America. When will this DC train wreck end?

Maybe we can do a one-to-one trade.

I will be the first one to admit that I do not come up with very many good ideas. But the one I have just come up with is one of my greatest.

It seems that the Cuban people have had enough of their socialist government. They are rightfully marching in the streets crying for freedom. Freedom is what we have here in America. And we definitely know that many “Americans” are fed up with the freedom that they have here and want socialism. Socialism is what you get in Cuba.

So…and this is where the brilliance of Mike Neil, problem resolution extraordinaire comes in…let’s trade citizens!! Seriously!

We give them a Bernie and they give us a Roberto. We give them an Alexandria and in return, we get an Alejandra. And the trades can go on and on. I bet they have at least 2 citizens wanting freedom for every idealist in America that wants Socialism. Everyone involved will be ecstatic.

We could even send in names of people we know on FB that promote Socialism to get the ball rolling. Start making a list.

But there are a few caveats.

First, no givebacks. Once they are traded they can’t come back. That includes sneaking over the Southern border.

Second, the traded people lose their old citizenship for the citizenship of the country they have longed to live in. That helps make it permanent.

Third, you can’t protest your new country. You want it and you get it just the way it is.

Fourth, you go without anything you own in your present country. No luxuries, can’t sell your home(s), no electronics, etc. We will set them up with the basics to live with and let them succeed on their own.

The plus is that we will get many people who are willing to work to better themselves. The negative is…uhm…let me think…nope, no negatives. We get rid of a bunch of whiney-ass people who have no idea what they are asking for. 

Well, what do you think? Where do we get started?


BRIEFED | Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley had maybe the most cogent of all arguments in his vote AGAINST a nomination today.

Hawley said he was voting against the nominee – Kiran Ahuja – because Ahuja embraces and will espouse an acceptance of Critical Race Theory while heading up the Office of Personnel Management.

“What we cannot allow is our federal government to affirm and sanction and advocate this critical race theory. We cannot allow the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, to legitimize a new era of racial engineering,” said Sen. Hawley (R-Mo.)

“I’m concerned that Ms. Ahuja is a disciple of radical critical theorists. She has frequently promoted Dr. (Ibram X.) Kendi. She called him a thought leader,” Hawley explained. “She declared that we must do everything in our collective power to realize Dr. Kendi’s vision for America.”

That vision seems to suggest America is an unrepentant racist bastion.

The battle of ideas in America has become this – those who are for and those who oppose the primary tenants of Critical Race Theory.

The nomination of Ahuja passed by the way. Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote to put her into the personnel office.


Patrisse Cullors, the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and Executive Director for 6 years, resigned on Thursday.

She cited leaving to focus on a book and TV deal.

However, her departure comes at a time of increasing controversy over the finances of the group, and her personal wealth.  Property records show her purchasing 4 luxury homes for over $3 million.

Her organization took in over $90 million following the George Floyd incident. It ended 2020 with more than $60 million, spending 1/4 of its assets on operating expenses and grants to other organizations.

Critics have questioned why more money is not going to families and other causes.