Demolition of Home Means New Beginning

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This morning we were in Orange with Team Rubicon and Orange County Disaster Rebuild as a home on 11th Street was demolished, as part of continuing recovery from Hurricane Laura. 

 “This demolition is the first of its kind where a home will be demolished and then a new home built in its place,” said Michelle Tubbleville, with Orange County Disaster Rebuild. 

 “The materials used – you can pick up the floor and dry it and put it back,” she said. 

 Orange County Disaster Rebuild partners with Team Rubicon and many other agencies to bring relief and recovery to victims of natural disasters in the area, long after the event has passed. 

The non-profit was formed after Hurricane Harvey devastated southeast Texas. 

 The homeowner, Kerinique Jenkins was there to watch the demo, describing it as bittersweet. 

“It’s sad but it’s exciting.”

 Born and raised in the home, Jenkins had only just lost her mother and moved back in the house when Laura struck. 

 Team Rubicon is a national organization that helps to rebuild after disasters. They have been in southeast Texas since Harvey.

 “They’re going to rebuild this home but our organization can partner up and supply her (the owner) with appliances, furniture. That’s where the cooperation between our agencies comes through,” said Tubbleville.

 Today’s demo was the beginning of a pilot program for Team Rubicon, where homes that must be demolished are rebuilt with higher elevations and removable and cleanable flooring and walls – instead of tearing out floors and sheetrock after a flood event.


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