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And now? The lawyers. Its how Election 2020 is likely to be decided.

Who has the upper hand? Well, that’s hard to say.

Eric Holder is a key part of the Democratic strategy that has been called by the Biden campaign, “the largest election protection program in Presidential history.”

Election protection? Doesn’t that assume a lot?

Donald Verilli, Bob Bauer, Walter Dellinger and others will work alongside former President Obama’s Attorney General Holder – to “protect” the election.

The GOP has put together a team of attorneys general as well, but will it be enough to confront the “army” of Democratic legal titans?

Justin Clark reportedly leads the GOP effort along with Ed Meese and others. 

In Pennsylvania alone a half million absentee ballots will have to be counted. And the courts have given the Keystone State until Friday to make sense of the future of the nation.

And the Pennsylvania Supreme Court swung open the gates for Capone-style shenanigans. 

In Pennsylvania, ballot signatures won’t have to match registration signatures, the mail-in ballots can be counted for three days after Election Day if postmarked by today, and even if they are not postmarked by today (Nov. 3) the ballots will still count unless…  “a preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that it was mailed AFTER Election Day.”

Its expected to be a chaotic slugfest the likes of which we’ve never seen. Not even in the chad-counting madness of Florida in 2000.

Even in Texas there are election day irregularities that have become concerning and may draw legal challenges.

In Parker County a suspicious package forced the square and courthouse polls to be closed for a time. And there are cities all over the state where reports of intimidation have been reported. Sign-stealing. Harassment.

Good luck, America. As the joke goes, a bad lawyer knows how to stretch out a lawsuit for YEARS. A good lawyer knows how to stretch it out even further.


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