Beaumont crime has just gone OVER the top. You’re likely not going to be able to identify the participants of a massive two-group that broke out over the weekend at Alice Keith Park in Beaumont. And that’s good I suppose. We are not publishing this extraordinary videotape to glorify this fight, but rather to show the absurdity of the violence. This fight lasts for several minutes before you can hear the gunfire break out. Let this be a wake-up call to Beaumont’s citizens. It’s time to give authorities the resources they need to THROTTLE this activity and save the lives of the citizens. Its gone too far!

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@peepso_user_220(MJ Ponsegrau)
It isn't only Beaumont seeing this surge in this criminal activity, it's taking place in any number of smaller communities all across America. This all demonstrates that the division among people, their unwillingness to allow law enforcement organizations to work towards an acceptable degree of control and enforcement of existing laws, and a general lack of concern by almost anyone not directly affected by this violence, is more the core of the problem than the excuses being shoved into the forefront by elected officials. Simply stated, gun control is only being applied against otherwise law-abiding citizens while those who aren't supposed to have firearms in the first place run free and unabated.

In my opinion what is needed here is more support within communities for positive law enforcement activity. This means increased fundinng to provide law enforcement with the tools to identify the perpetrators, get the guns out of their hands and mandate appropriate actions on the part of not only our courts, but also by those charged with the responsibility to enforc existing laws to their fullest extent against violators.