Federal Judge allows harris county to count questionable votes

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A Federal Judge sided with Harris County on Monday, blocking a GOP attempt at preserving voter and ballot integrity.

Republicans had argued that the county’s drive-thru program is an expansion of curbside voting, making it accessible only to voters with disabilities under the state’s election law. They also argued the program violates the U.S. Constitution, which gives states the authority to decide how elections are run.

The county opened 10 drive-thru voting locations in early October where residents could go to vote from their car. Voters are handed a portable machine through the window and cast their votes from their vehicles.

Out of the 2.4 million eligible voters in Harris County, 127,000 have cast their ballot by the drive-thru voting option, roughly 9% of the total votes cast so far. 

This was an appeal of a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court that had upheld the votes.

The Federal Judge, Andrew Hanen, was appointed in 2002 by George W Bush. 

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