Friday Bulletin: BISD set to be sued? Mayor set to be censured?

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1813 has learned a Beaumont ISD employee is threatening a potential lawsuit over the district’s handling of the COVID19 outbreak. The employee who will not be identified by 1813 says contractors are getting infected, district employees are testing positive and one employee has passed away. Our source says some employees are getting the equivalent of “hazard pay” while others are not. The employee says its created a mess. The employee says the district is actively threatening its faculty and staff with reprimands if they speak out publicly about the COVID19 impact on the district. BISD has not responded to an initial request for comment made at 1:26pm Friday.


1813news has learned Beaumont Councilman Mike Getz will vote for a censure resolution against Mayor Becky Ames. Getz told 1813, “I think a censure resolution is appropriate to be presented to council for a vote.” Getz says he would support the censure and indicated he might even make the motion to put the wheels in motion. Councilman WL Pate says, “at this point I don’t know if there will be an agenda item to take action on the executive session. Hopefully, we can have an item added to the agenda to give us an option on action to be taken. I am working on it.” 


How come Governor Andrew Cuomo failed to protect his people from COVID19? He seems willing to admit that the federal government can’t always be counted on to save the nation, so how about do it yourself? Possibly Cuomo is criminally liable?


Clear evidence we’ve learned from the USS Theodore Roosevelt: COVID19 was NOT more dangerous than the flu. Of the 4,800 men and woman aboard, 86% didn’t get it, despite the tight quarters aboard the vessels. Of those who contracted it, 60% of the sailors were asymptomatic.  


Worldometers.com reports in the first 4 months of this year the flu killed 2 and a half times more people than did COVID19.


In Richmond Virginia the Catholic diocese is witnessing a spiritual revival. More people are attending mass via online technology compared with the number who attended in person BEFORE the outbreak. Dude!



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