Friday bulletin: Westrock has a potential coronavirus mess on its hands

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1813 has learned the coronavirus mess at the Westrock paper plant may be quite a bit worse than first thought. Sources tell us “the union has been asking the mill to check temperatures (of employees) for weeks now. They just started doing temps last Friday.” The well-placed source says contractors have been undergoing tests for roughly 2 weeks. 

1813 reported a week ago that no less than 20 reported cases of sickness consistent with coronavirus have been confirmed at the Evadale plant but that many employees have been taking heat over talking about it with outsiders.  Westrock has confirmed 4 confirmed cases to other media. Westrock natioanl media relations personnel have declined to return calls for comment. 

“We just got masks handed out today (Friday) because they just came in… and they did not clean areas or quarantine all the people they said (they quarantined),” according to one source. 

We’ve learned from insiders that a crew is on-site to clean the plant but they only work days. One employee is said to have been forced to go home from working at Paper Machine #5 last Saturday and that the only follow-up by Westrock was to ask those who worked directly on shift with him to watch themselves for two days and check for symptoms. 

1813 is looking into other so-far unconfirmed allegations of other plants failing to follow cleaning or safety precautions amid the national outbreak. 


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