A 24 Year Old Georgia Girl has been sentenced to 4 months in a Cayman Island prison after breaking the island’s strict COVID laws.

Skylar Mack, who is enrolled as a pre-med student at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia arrived on November 24th on the island nation with her boyfriend. Under island law, she was supposed to then go into a 14-day quarantine.

The Cayman Island electronically monitors people in quarantine and when the couple went to attend a water sports event, they were arrested. 

Originally they were sentenced to 40 hours of community service and a $4000 dollar fine. However, the prosecution appealed, arguing the punishment was not harsh enough and would not deter other possible violators.

A higher court agreed and Mack began her 4-month prison sentence on December 14th.

Mack and her boyfriend are the first to be sentenced under a law targeting COVID-19 violators.

Originally the law called for a $2,400 fine and up to six months in prison, while the law was recently amended law and now calls for a $12,000 fine and up to two years in prison.