Give the man some room to work!

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I am Bewildered! The press handling in general of President Trump never ceases to amaze. At Tuesday afternoon’s White House press conference, CNN’S Jim Acosta – ever the gentle dove of an inquisitor – looked at a graph of the now-famous Death Model curve and asked the President if it wasn’t quite possible that the curve would be different if President Trump had only reacted earlier.

Now, on its face it looks like a good question. Would an earlier mitigation have saved lives? Acosta noted that China and South Korea had experienced January and February losses that could have served as a bell-weather of what U.S. residents might expect.

Thing is, Acosta knows for a fact already that the President had acted well in advance of a travel ban with China – by weeks. The World Health Organization was not recommending a travel ban when Trump decided to implement one. The President was monitoring conditions and talking with President Xi but was he supposed to order 5,000 ventilators by the end of the hour?

Must EVERY line of questioning center in some form or fashion on, “Mr. President, isn’t there a way that you were silly, cruel, short-sighted, inept, ignorant or mind numbingly racially motivated on XYZ topic?”

Indeed, an MSNBC anchor inferred the President was terribly dumb for allowing CEO’s to talk this week about their efforts to mass-produce materials for saving the lives of coronavirus patients. One network knucklehead thought it was just outrageous that My Pillow founder Mike Lindell would reference something so banal as a return to prayer and the guidance of the Holy Bible. Yo! World! If you don’t like how someone worships or even IF they worship, then don’t look at it. It doesn’t even affect you. It doesn’t create a vortex of human misery if the pillow boy mentions HIS personal views on a Higher Power. Let up, for goodness sake. What does it matter?

The Spanish flu of 1918-1920 claimed roughly 50 MILLION lives. Would it impress any reporter in DC if Trump’s swift action brought the potential U.S. deaths from a projected 2 million deaths to something closer to 200,000? More than 20 percent of the planet contracted the swine flu in 2009, including some of my friends. And yet only about a half million people died. Ya know why? ACTION. And better science. Maybe folks could let President Trump ACT?

These folks just plain don’t “get it.” On one hand they will find a way to attack the sitting President for moving too SLOWLY in some unspecified way on somehow stopping a virus from circling the globe, while simultaneously criticizing whether he is moving too RAPIDLY on the approval of potentially life-saving drugs. The whole thing implies the President is always wrong for either leading too timidly or too boldly.

What if a hydroxychloriquine cocktail could almost immediately begin choking out the disease created by the virus? You get the sense it would truly disappoint some network correspondents. 

Conservatives, remember how nauseating it was to hear the steady voodoo-doll pricking of the conservative President. Something has to change when a progressive President takes the Residence. It makes a difference. 

As for the White House press corps, my view is that an over dependence on hyper-critical reporting is occupationally suicidal. Its no wonder the American people are sick of the parade of similar hatchet job questioning. 800 Americans died today. Tuesday, March 31st, 2020. Its clear President Trump is working to save lives as quickly as possible. Can you let the man work? That way I won’t have to stay bewildered at the tone of every press conference.




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