Guliani questions Barr’s dedication to enforcing the law

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Weeks after having turned the laptop that was alleged to have come from Hunter Biden to both the FBI and the New York Post, Guiliani and other key Trump advisors are starting to become impatient with any sign of progress from the Justice Department or FBI on an investigation.

Or even if there is one. The FBI will not confirm that they are even conducting an investigation at this point. 

On Monday, Giuliani went on the Fox Business program hosted by Lou Dobbs to argue that his findings “could be used in a court of law…There’s a trial here that could be done that would be fabulous for a trial lawyer, I’d love to try it.”

He has lately been voicing impatience at the lack of any movement by the Attorney General William Barr and the FBI Director Chris Wray

“Where is William Barr? He’s gone radio silent!”

Advisors close to President Trump have stated that while he is remaining largely silent on the issue publicly, behind closed doors he is growing increasingly frustrated at the lack of any signs that the DOJ or FBI is doing anything

FBI Director Wray and Attorney General Barr

“Why aren’t they doing anything?…What the hell are they waiting for?!” President Trump has exclaimed to some close advisers this month, according to two people who’ve heard him say this.

Trump has been displeased with the way the Bureau has been handled under Wray and has hinted that he may fire him after his re-election. 

On Fox & Friends, Trump said this about Barr:

“We’ve got to get the attorney general to act… He’s gotta act, and he’s gotta act fast, and he’s gotta appoint somebody.”


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