Has COVID19 robbed us of our Freedoms?

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I wanted to update everyone on a few happenings pertaining to the COVID-19 “social distancing” policies in the United States the past several weeks.

There was a protest in Houston at 3 PM Friday, April 24th because Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo ordered potential fines of $1,000 for anyone not wearing a mask even outside their homes (if over 10 years old.) Really? A kid can’t play in his yard or walk, ride his bike down his street? Ridiculous!  Not really the time for hefty fines with so many people in Houston loosing their jobs and worrying how to pay their bills.

The Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmire, is having the time of her life with her power trip. She says idiotic things like, “it’s not okay to mow your lawn or buy seeds.”

You can go out in a boat with your family as long as the boat does not have a motor. If you have a second home, you cannot go to it. Nor, can you go visit family. She came very close to letting a serial killer out of prison to keep him from catching Covid-19. But if you were seen in public without a mask on or breaking social distancing rules you can be arrested! That makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Interesting how the rules do not apply for her. She is not “social distancing”. She has been on several talk shows blasting the President and enjoying her 15 minutes of fame in hopes that Sleepy, Creepy Joe Biden will recognize her as a hero of the left and ask her to be his running mate. After all, everyone knows whoever becomes Joe Biden’s VP will actually be running the country VERY soon after the election if he were to somehow win due to Joe’s lack of mental capabilities.

When NY Mayor Bill De Blasio (who was seen more than once not adhering to social distancing guidelines) wants to open New York City really soon on May 15th, even though it is the biggest hot spot in the country, then more rural states like Texas, Arkansas and Ohio should be able to open IMMEDIATELY! Why should states with WAY fewer cases be on the same timetable as NY state? That’s just ludicrous.

Two sheriffs in Washington state say they will NOT enforce the governor’s stay at home order.  “I believe that not allowing business owners being able to open and operate their businesses and provide for their families intrudes on their right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness,” said one.

I have faith that Americans will not put up with this very much longer. Many Americans were taught not to take handouts and to stand on your own two feet and support your family. At first, it may have felt a bit like a vacation for some, but now people are bored and tired of staying at home. People are worried about their jobs and putting food on their kids tables at this point. Many Americans have worked their entire lives building businesses that are going under fast and some have already closed – never to reopen again. Others are hanging by a thread of hope this will be over soon.

Hard working Americans enjoy the small amount of leisure time they get and are starting to feel pinned up and caged- in, and this IS still America darn it, enough is enough!

One concern is if we keep going this way we will soon have a food and meat shortage. Farmers are throwing away thousands of gallons of milk and fruits and vegetables by the truck loads because their workers aren’t allowed to come to work. And restaurants are their largest customers.

A food shortage will only make people’s aggravation worse! I mean, we’ve been staying home a lot, but we have been eating well! You know what they say about hungry angry people? They’re  called “HANGRY” and it isn’t good!

Former federal prosecutor and former South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy said it best when he said, “Americans are sacrificial, but they have the right to ask why? If the answer is not rooted in rationality, and part of a solution to the problem they have the right to protest.”

Gowdy is a great Patriot and is not part of the “elite.” He understands the American middle class.

On the other end of the spectrum, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo told a lady worried about losing her job to “go get a job as a first responder, they are hiring. That way you don’t have to kill anyone.”

He proved he is COMPLETELY out of touch with regular working Americans. The media has been calling him things like “the golden governor” and “America’s governor,” but what the sooooo Out of Touch Media doesn’t realize is that many Americans CANNOT stand him, and his constant whining and crying. And blaming President Trump for all his problems daily in the news briefings in New York has solidified those opinions.

NY hasn’t had a balanced budget since he got into office. Even though their citizens pay a TON of state taxes. Cuomo’s liberal policies that support sanctuary cities, health care for all and enable a HUGE homeless population have ruined New York. And people have been leaving in droves for less liberal states with lower taxes.

On a bit of a different subject, I was really glad to see President Trump’s tweet about his news conference being a “waste of time and effort.”

The media do not even ask pertinent questions, they just hound on the same few subjects in hopes that he will say something to make him look bad! Running the country isn’t easy and if the media don’t have good questions, then why should he do it at all?

Well, I say all of this to say this – Americans are tough, brave and smart! Let’s adhere to President Trump’s guidelines and take the steps outlined in his plans (and the plans of VP Mike Pence) and let’s get back to work SAFELY!

States like Texas and Ohio that have done a wonderful job and kept their cases very low should be able to start the process immediately! See you guys on the flip side of this “global pandemic!”

One day we will have quite a story to tell our grandkids, but right now it’s time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get out there! One more time I say- SAFELY!  God Bless America. The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!



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