Hillary to be Elector in Electoral College

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NEW YORK: Four years after being handed an embarrassing defeat in the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Rodham Clinton is once again involved in the selection of the President of the United States.

This time as one of 29 electors for the state of New York. She was chosen as one of the slate of electors should Joe Biden win the state of New York on Tuesday, November 3rd.

That is likely since the most recent polls put Biden ahead of Trump in New York by over 32 points.

According to the Constitution, each state chooses its electors based on one for each representative and senator it has in congress. This gives New York 29.

States have traditionally awarded all its electors to the candidate that wins the most votes in the general election for that state. The exception being Maine and Nebraska. These two give the 2 electoral votes for its senators to the person winning the most votes, and then each electoral vote as the presidential candidate that has the most votes in that congressional district.

Clinton to be one of the 29 electors chosen by New York

A person is usually chosen by its state party to be on the slate of electors as a reward for party activities, loyalty, or influence within the party

Once chosen, the electors are not obligated to cast the vote for the candidate they were picked for. Though uncommon, electors have cast votes for other candidates. One elector for Gerald Ford in 1976 cast his vote for Reagan; one for Kerry in 2004 cast his vote for Edwards.

What influence Clinton could wield in an electoral vote if it were close, is unknown at this time.


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