History Repeats Itself

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This has been an incredibly difficult week. Once again, we witnessed the killing of a black man at the hands of a police officer. And the world turned upside down.

I’ve listened to the arguments all week from both sides and all I can think is history repeats itself. If you do not learn and fix the problems of the past, it will come back and repeat itself. Which is what we are seeing.

One of the arguments I’ve seen mainly from whites trying to justify (not so much the killing as I don’t think anyone feels that can be justified) police and/or Trump – is that Floyd had a tarnished background. Many say whites are killed by cops too, and why did this one man make people lose it?

Well here you go. Yes, George Floyd had a criminal background. 2007 was his last conviction. He was paroled in 2013 and became involved in a ministry group. Floyd had no other trouble with the law after that.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but we do live in an extremely Christian area. And I do believe as Christians the mantra is forgiveness. I know it’s what Christ preached.

Regardless, Floyd did not deserve to be killed by having a knee on his throat. Crying for his mother and begging to breathe. He’s a human being. There is no justification for killing him that way.

As to whites being killed by cops too? Yes, it does happen, however it doesn’t happen as disproportionately as it does for minorities. No one is saying those lives aren’t important. But don’t try to lessen the importance of BLM by mentioning them.

As to why did George Floyd caused this, it wasn’t so much George Floyd as it was simply the tipping point – the pot had finally boiled over.

This isn’t about the media. It isn’t about conspiracy theories. It’s not about anyone trying to make Trump look bad (by the way, liberals think he does that all by himself we don’t think we need to “do anything to make him look bad”) It’s about the need for understanding. To stop and truly LISTEN to one another and quit trying to justify stupid things that truly do not matter.

Yes, of course all lives matter, but right now we have to help black lives to make all lives better. Let’s not have history continue repeating.

Defunding the police is not about eliminating or taking money away, it’s about reorganizing and retraining. All of which needs to be done. 

If you call yourself a Christian, if you call yourself a human being – do the right thing. Show understanding and compassion and quit justifying systemic racism.


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