Is South East Texas on the Brink of Economic Collapse?

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I am astounded and you should be too. Just a brief thought for those of you who thought the planet would NOT be pummeled to a halt by CV19 – take a look. In the height of the 2008 collapse the Richter scale of regular life spiked. It spiked to one fifth of what we are already seeing in Texas unemployment.

The New York Times illustrates this in a classic way. More than 100,000 jobless claims filed last week. THIS is what leads to a  business catastrophe. And before you say – well businesses are owned by rich people please reflect that if those “rich people” don’t keep the company up and running, YOU or your NEIGHBOR or his neighbor don’t have a “paying gig” either.  

Wow. This is epic scale stuff. Message me if you are seeing the impact already. Give me some idea of just how bad its gotten here in Southeast Texas. 


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