Juneteenth thoughts

Texas should be pissed that the nation has now taken over Juneteenth. It is a Texas holiday, not a national one. It is not the day slavery ended and blacks gained their independence. That was done 2 years earlier.

 General Granger didn’t deliver any real news in Galveston. You can’t tell me that Texas was unaware of the Emancipation Proclamation before Granger showed up. Texas was just giving the finger to Washington and doing their own thing like they always have.

 You can’t tell me that at least one Texan did not cross over the river into Louisiana to visit Cousin Boudreaux during those 2 years and come back and tell his Texas friends that he had seen the strangest thing…no slaves at the plantation. He had to have noticed. Hell…Cousin. Boudreaux would have been seen out in the fields working by himself.  What a surprise to see that.

 Can you imagine the look on General Granger’s face when he stepped off the ship in Galveston and actually saw slavery was still going on. I wish I could have seen his WTF look when it happened. I bet he was the person to coin the phrase “Houston, we have a problem”!

 So yea, let’s not change history just for a summer holiday. The end of slavery should be celebrated, but let’s celebrate the correct date. Leave true history alone.

 ***I have to give credit to my son, Jack Neil, for this thought. He is a chip off of the old block.  He does stand up in Austin. For some reasons, the liberal audience did not see the humor in this. Go figure.***

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