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Orange County deputies, Vidor Police, and other agencies are scrambling to an area just off I-10 at this hour in a search for an ESCAPED JAIL INMATE.

The inmate is identified as Drew Davis Paul

Preliminary reports indicate the inmate and an Orange County jailer were seen in a scuffle alongside the highway. It’s unclear HOW the inmate was able to initiate the fight, but a passerby noticed the confrontation and stopped to render aid to the OC deputy.

At that point, the inmate was able to flee into some woods alongside the interstate.


BIRD IN THE SKY on Rose City manhunt for an escaped inmate. Constable Matt Ortego says it’s unclear HOW Drew Davis Paul escaped but believes Paul was sentenced just today.

TDCJ Bloodhounds are on the way to the area near Rose City to continue the search which could continue into the night according to Ortego.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office chopper has now been deployed.

Stay with 1813News for additional details as they become available.


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