Maybe we can do a one-to-one trade.

I will be the first one to admit that I do not come up with very many good ideas. But the one I have just come up with is one of my greatest.

It seems that the Cuban people have had enough of their socialist government. They are rightfully marching in the streets crying for freedom. Freedom is what we have here in America. And we definitely know that many “Americans” are fed up with the freedom that they have here and want socialism. Socialism is what you get in Cuba.

So…and this is where the brilliance of Mike Neil, problem resolution extraordinaire comes in…let’s trade citizens!! Seriously!

We give them a Bernie and they give us a Roberto. We give them an Alexandria and in return, we get an Alejandra. And the trades can go on and on. I bet they have at least 2 citizens wanting freedom for every idealist in America that wants Socialism. Everyone involved will be ecstatic.

We could even send in names of people we know on FB that promote Socialism to get the ball rolling. Start making a list.

But there are a few caveats.

First, no givebacks. Once they are traded they can’t come back. That includes sneaking over the Southern border.

Second, the traded people lose their old citizenship for the citizenship of the country they have longed to live in. That helps make it permanent.

Third, you can’t protest your new country. You want it and you get it just the way it is.

Fourth, you go without anything you own in your present country. No luxuries, can’t sell your home(s), no electronics, etc. We will set them up with the basics to live with and let them succeed on their own.

The plus is that we will get many people who are willing to work to better themselves. The negative is…uhm…let me think…nope, no negatives. We get rid of a bunch of whiney-ass people who have no idea what they are asking for. 

Well, what do you think? Where do we get started?

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