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This time it was in Columbus, Ohio. A 15-year-old girl gets shot and killed by a policeman. As one man asked why the policeman shot her he told the police “she was just a kid.”

Another kid was shot and killed by the police. And for what? As the NY Times says, she was “threatening two other girls with a knife.”

So let’s all gather at the scene and then take it downtown for a big protest. Let’s make sure we do it before we know anything. Just another victim of deadly police tactics. Say her name… say her name Right?

Well, not exactly. Not when you see the body-cam video the police released very quickly to get a few facts out.

There is no way the police knew this was a child. Nothing about her “look” says she was that young. She was as big, if not bigger, than the adults who were standing around.

The police arrive and almost immediately this girl is seen pushing one girl to the ground and immediately going after the second girl. And she went after her with a knife. She was actively attempting to stab the other girl WITH A KNIFE. It was not a threat, as the NY Times reports. It was being attempted when the policeman shot her. He actually did his job by yelling at the girl to stop and then shooting her to protect the other girl from getting killed.

Yes, the girl was shot by a policeman who was saving the life of the girl, a black girl, who she was trying to stab with a knife. It was not just a threat. If the officer had not shot her, the other girl could have been killed. They are there to protect.

And the “man” who was screaming that she was a child? Instead of protecting the girl who was going to get stabbed, he was busy kicking the girl who had been pushed down in the head. Yea, don’t stop the attacker with the knife. Instead, attack one of the girls she was after. Yea, that is not a “man.” And he shouldn’t be yelling like the girl that was shot was a victim.

But let’s immediately protest the shooting instead of thanking the policeman who saved the other girl’s life. Because this plays into the anti-cop agenda just like the others. This girl was killed due to her action, not the actions of the cop. Soon they will be “saying her name” also. And I do not care to hear it.

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