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You’re not so crazy! Just when they left you thinking that you might just be looney tunes for doubting the Almighty Power of the Associated Press (and maybe the results of the election) here comes Ohio and Missouri.

The Attorneys General of those states today sued Pennsylvania, arguing that the alleged extralegal actions of the Keystone State affect ALL the other states. The AG’s filed a court brief.

What a revelation Pennsylvania! (Why am I talking to states?) Your middle of the night slicing and dicing of fundamental fairness impacts the great people of the Show Me State.

Missouri AG Eric Schmitt says he needs just a little more information on precisely HOW LONG Pennsylvania planned to hold open the balloting. Why not accept mail-in ballots in December? We don’t need to know until January 20th of next year, right? 

Here’s the thing. Except in snowflake world we don’t get to wait until the 5th day of the month to send in the mortgage payment. If classes start on September 2nd – we have to be there on 9/2. And you don’t get to arbitrarily decide as a state (and then get the backing of a Stalinesque Pennsylvania Supreme Court) that you will allow mail-in votes to be accepted DAYS after the actual mail-in election deadline.

Its not difficult to imagine that the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania city and state leaders would be bewildered by such a firm insistence on even-handedness among all the states.

Philly Mayor Jim Kenney noted the President should just put his “big boy pants on” and accept the results of the election. But Kenney has been nodding at voting changes for weeks now. And seems to have difficulty grasping some fundamental realities.

Kenney cozied with the riot and loot crowd this summer and may have been surprised when dozens of Philly businesses were smashed in May. The Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation dropped $1.4 million on restoring businesses before it happened again last month after rioters took exception to the shooting of a knife-wielding man who refused to comply with police orders and charged officers.

In that instance, more than 200 businesses were left in tatters. Where’s the money going to come from to repair those businesses? Fairy-Tale Land. The same place that allows you to pay your mortgage on day 5 of the month!

Late last month Kenney noted how hard it was going to be for Philly to “attract and retain business.” OMG. My heads going to explode!

So possibly you can understand its complex for some folks to see how all voting deadlines should be the same for all Americans. 

See, you’re not that crazy. But Philadelphia IS!


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