Monday bulletin: China virus China virus China virus

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Shhhhhhh. If you don’t believe as the mainstream believes YOU just might be WORSE than a redneck. You just MIGHT be a danger to the state. And as a result you’re going to face backlash, criticism, and – wait for it – criminal charges before you know it. That’s my prediction.

But then again I might be reactionary right? If there is in fact a slippery slope to these matters we should “see the slope” by now right?

I offer San Antonio as exhibit A. Did you see what the San Antonio City Council did last week? 

The council passed a Resolution to clear up speech. See the resolution below and decide for yourself. Looks like San Antonio has decided the “deliberate use” of words like “Chinese virus” or “Kung Fu virus” are so off limits as to cause violence against people. Never mind that some wonder if its appropriate to use the word Chinese virus because it came from China and all. If you are San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, its not the idiotic and hateful people themselves doing this stuff, its the words themselves that are problematic.  

Senator Ted Cruz rightly called it crazy and some leaders including the President have been referring to the Chinese coronavirus for weeks now. But San Antonio’s leaders decided the Alamo City should be known around the nation for more than one little battle way back when. Oh no, San Antonio should be known for stepping up to tell you how to speak. 

Here we should note that an organization called “Racism is Contagious” has reported that a database shows more than 1500 cases of verbal or physical assault have occured since the outbreak – against Asian Americans. 1813 isn’t really sure how all those “verbal” assaults are quantified, but there you have it. And 1813 enthusiastically supports “taming” the tongue when speech legitimately offends other people. This has nothing to do with the use of the “N” word in modern culture. It has everything to do with telling the entire population of a major U.S. city that you’d better NOT utter words that “we” (the City Council) deem to be over the line of scrimmage of this ball field. 

Thing is, 11-0 unanimous resolutions eventually become ordinances. And ordinances later become laws. I’ve worked in many racially diverse communities and I’ve been noted as the bolio (white bread) of the group. Sometimes playfully, and sometimes in a disparaging way. I actually survived these “verbal ASSAULTS.”   

Before San Antonio again steps out to save its people, maybe leaders would be better served by enforcing laws pertaining to ACTUAL violence occurring – and dictating less about politically correct speech. Its unclear when the next resolution could involve the “hate” deemed to be developing when people say that “permanent damage” could be sustained if businesses are locked down for an indeterminant amount of time. Or words like, “can I open my hair salon so I can feed my kids.” And isn’t it “speech” when we are seen out of the house WITHOUT a mask? Aren’t we REALLY just saying, “I’m out to kill me some old people” today?  

In a related note, Mayor Nirenberg had a cautionary note for future generations. Nirenberg said that darned ole Col. Travis would have been far better off by calling it a “Mexico incursion” and referring to General Santa Anna as no more than an “angry, big ole meanie.” Not really, I made up this paragraph only, but…

What’s next?

Look, please be kind to Asian-Americans and ALL people – brown, black, yellow and white. And the next time you go to vote don’t you DARE FORGET leaders who decree how you can speak!

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