My take on the Enemy of the People

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President Trump has said, “the media is the enemy of the people.”

Never has that been more evident than in the recent days of the coronavirus pandemic.

Every day, President Trump has a press conference where he brings in amazing and smart authorities on different subjects: The CDC, SBA, FEMA, FDA, The IG, the AG, and CEO’s of corporations. All of these organizations provide valuable information about how to assist in the war against this unseen enemy.

What does the media do? They direct every question to the president in efforts to trip him up and make him look bad. (Unsuccessfully, I will add.) This is a time that the media should be providing the American people with much-needed information by asking pertinent questions related to the pandemic. That would be REAL journalism! Journalists in the olden days had integrity, and the world relied on their information. People couldn’t even tell which political party the reporters backed!

Today, it is so sad that many have become partisan hacks and will not do or say anything unless it forwards their party’s agenda. To hell with what’s best for America as a whole.

President Trump has done a GREAT job weaving and dodging these ridiculous questions! He always answers them thoroughly. On Friday, for example, it was painful to watch as he tried to give the media a lesson on logistics and distribution. It was like he was teaching first graders. He had to keep repeating himself, and they just kept rewording the same questions!

President Trump is working so hard to keep us informed. He is meeting with the heads of oil companies and PPE providers, along with healthcare workers and world leaders. He has even rescued Americans during this time.

However, the media could care less. It seems that they only care about how this pandemic can be detrimental to President Trump in the November election. Do they not see their ratings plunging? Do they not see the past failures of Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi and their endless investigations? How could they not see the fact that the American people are fed up with these shenanigans?

I will tell you how: “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS). What started after the 2016 election as kind of a snarky joke has proven to be a real disorder! They cannot see the forest for the trees. They still have not figured out why the American people elected Donald Trump in the first place. If they did, if they really understood, they would give President Trump a break and let him speak and actually listen. They would ask questions that are important to the American people about their safety and then answer those questions on their news broadcasts and in their articles. Instead, they brag about being part of the “RESISTANCE”.

Do they not know Americans LOVE an underdog? Do they not know that all they are doing is igniting the love and trust of the American people for our President?

No, they do not understand because T.D.S. is real! It has forced liberals and left-wing media to lose all sense of reality! This is quite OK with me because Americans are smart and do not need them to figure out fact from fiction. The media is absolutely no help during this crisis. They USED to be vital.

It is sad to watch their demise, but they’ve done it to themselves. The reason President Trump tweets all of the time is because the media is simply useless. He must go around them to speak to us.

President Trump said the other day that he is “America’s Cheerleader.” Thank God for him because these are stressful times, and if all we did was listen to the media we would all be depressed and have no hope for America’s future.

THANK YOU, President Trump! We, the people, appreciate all of the hard work you are doing (for ZERO pay,) And we are behind you 100%! WHERE WE GO ONE, WE GO ALL.


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