Navigating the Biden accusations in the #MeToo age

So, Joe Biden is now being called a “rapist” by many.

Mostly disgruntled Bernie supporters who feel robbed yet again by the loss of their beloved candidate but, also by those on the right who would like to discredit the left in any manner that comes to them. 

As a woman who has actually been the victim of both sexual assault and molestation, I believe all accusations should be investigated. That being said, I would NEVER accuse a man of rape or any other sexual crime until all the facts are in. Listen to the woman by all means, but we live in a country where supposedly you are innocent until PROVEN guilty.

What exactly does this mean? It means let’s not rush to judgment and instead investigate and come to a conclusion based on evidence, not political agendas.

I cannot stand Trump but would not rush to call him a rapist just because several women came forward to accuse him.

And those who defend him but accuse Biden are hypocrites!

You cannot dismiss Trump’s accusers but automatically accept the word of Biden’s accusers without it being clear you are not looking at the evidence but simply politics.

Evidence wise, there have been 8 women who have come forward with “accusations” all but one has said he made them feel a little uncomfortable but none of those 7 felt anything he did rose to the level of actual harassment or assault.  The one who has claimed it was assault… Tara Reade or whichever of the 5 names she uses, is the only one claiming he did more than make her feel uncomfortable.

But when you go through the evidence her story begins to fall apart. For one thing, she has changed her story several times.  This doesn’t help her credibility.

Even her story of going to Washington has changed from 2009 to 2019. In 2009 she claimed she drove with her boyfriend, in 2019 she claimed she flew. This is the problem for people in this day and age of the internet…everything lasts forever. The information is there for anyone to see.  Even though she has since deleted the blog that had some of the information in it with her praising Biden for his work on violence against women.

Her disliking Putin one year to loving him “shirt on or shirt off”. Her claiming she was fired by Biden after the alleged incident when years prior she had written in her blog that she chose to leave Washington due to her hatred of “American Imperialism” and her love of Russia.

I believe any time a woman brings a claim it should be taken seriously but we should also have learned from the “me too” frenzy that sometimes, women are less than truthful in an effort to gain attention. Some of Reade’s friends have claimed as much about her.

One of the first things I look for when there are multiple claims is consistency in the claims…sexual predators tend to have a “signature” if you will. And all the claims against Biden are consistent with the exception to Reade’s. Which actually was consistent last year but again, she changed her story this year. I think this has to be taken into consideration when determining whether a claim is valid or not. My guess is it’s not.

We should not be allowed to potentially destroy a man’s life just because we are women and in this “me too” age we are supposed to be believed.

That is just as wrong.

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