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US Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) hit it out of the park last night in his response to Joe Biden’s “joke” of an address to part of Congress.

Sen. Scott brought up many positive thoughts, called out the Liberals and Progressives and correctly said that this is not a racist country. 

What should have been seen as a positive statement by Scott was met with taunting and bullying. After all, who does Tim Scott think he is? He is a black man in America. As such, he has a line to toe and seems to think he has the freedom to make his own path in this country… what nerve.
The Left and the so-called leaders of the minority community work very hard to set a narrative and draw a line for their people to follow. Who is Tim Scott to come along and muck it up? Someone needs to tell little Timmy he is pissing people off and setting himself up for problems inside his community.
Tim Scott grew up poor and without a father around. By his own admission, he almost did not make it through school. Through hard work and a mother and grandparents who believed in him he became a successful small businessman and US Senator. He is a great example of what you can do despite starting out with little.
He should be a role model in his community. Instead, like so many other successful black Americans, he is disrespected and hated by the Left and many other black people.
“Uncle Tim”…”Uncle Tom”…”House Kneegrow”…”N-word”…I am sure he has heard them all, and they do it so openly and unapologetically. I have never understood why their own community shuns their success. 
We need more people like Tim Scott and fewer people like those that call him names for stepping out of line. We need people in the black community who will tell these “leaders” and haters to sit down and shut the hell up. 
For anyone wondering, I have seen it plenty of times firsthand. I have lived it with people close to me. It is difficult for many in the community to go “against the grain” of their own people because they know what will be coming their way.

And in case you don’t know… I will not take a seat, stay in my lane OR stay out of your business. Especially when your business affects my own. And yes, I have been told to do all three of those things. 

It is time that we all stood WITH and spoke up FOR people like Senator Tim Scott.


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