Now really? Is there REAL oppression in America?

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Opinion piece by Wayne Thibodeaux

You better believe it! There has been oppression in America since it’s birth. The king of England oppressed the colonists with taxes and Tariffs.

The King of England even oppressed some of the neighboring Native Americans into allegiance to the crown.

The fledgling new government would also come to oppress the Native Americans, along with anyone who stood in the way of westward expansion.

The industrialists who built the first American infrastructure also oppressed anyone who stood in their way, including their own employees.

For those with the means, oppression has always been the way to profit. The Bible speaks favorably of indentured servitude as a means for a man or family to prosper. Bible doctrine requires that slaves be treated with compassion, even requiring the owners to allow their slaves to obey the Sabbath day of rest.

The slavery that came to America was quite the opposite. These slave owners would fight a very bloody war to keep their oppression intact. Even Kings of England and some of the European countries would help these oppressors with funding by trade, ships and weapons.

After the Civil War, the militant arm of the Democrat Party, the KKK would continue to oppress the former slaves through acts of violence on a more personal level. It was so bad that in the 1890’s African Americans elected to the Senate or Congress on the Republican side of the aisle, would have to arm themselves out of fear of being assassinated on the House floor.

It would take the Democrats one hundred years to nominate, run, and elect their first African American to the U.S. Senate – in 1993. Carol Moseley Braun. But no one calls that racist.

One of the longest serving Senators, Robert Byrd, was a grand wizard of the KKK, but the African American supporters didn’t appear to care.


In the 1920’s the Democrats came up with “a New Deal.” If they could not own them, they would buy their vote with a new social program called welfare. African Americans would sell their independence and their vote cheap. All the while, the Democrats continued to deny the African Americans their civil rights. In 1957, Democratic U.S. Senator Strom Thurmond staged the longest filibuster in American history (24 hours plus) to deny passage of a civil rights act.

Finally, by intimidating his own party members, one the most corrupt politicians to hold the office of President, Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, got the votes needed to pass the Civil Rights Acts of 1964, though his motive was only the African American vote for the Democrat Party. Still the African American community supported the Democrat party.

With the African American vote bought and paid for with national treasure, the Democrat Party next sought the Latino vote. This would be a much tougher sell than the African American vote. After all, the Latinos were fleeing corrupt socialist governments. The Democrats are still working on breaking the immigration laws of America for the Latino vote, so I’ll have to get back to you on that. 

The abortion mills have murdered tens of millions of African American babies. So, how can African Americans claim “Black Lives Matter”? If black lives mattered, why isn’t the BLM rioting, burning and looting the abortion mills protected by the Democrat Party? 

Why isn’t the BLM labeled a racist movement for elevating one race over all others?

The answer is because the Democrat Party loves the chaos provided by the BLM and the Republican Party is too spineless to speak the truth for fear of being labeled a racist.

African Americans are known to oppress other African Americans for not thinking or acting as the status quo demands. Now America has another oppressor of a different stripe. They call themselves ANTIFA.

ANTIFA, anti-Fascist, is a contradiction in terms for these folks. These thugs are identical to the Brown Shirts that helped bring Hitler to power through racism, public
beatings, murder, intimidation etc. Once Hitler was in power, they were murdered to make way for the even more oppressive Gestapo, that would take over the German police forces. Is this what they intend by calling for the American police forces to be defunded?

It’s well known that outside forces are funding most of the chaos seen in recent weeks. Like Hitler’s Brown Shirts, these morons are too blinded by greed to see they are being used. Apparently, they are so stupid as to try and take on the American gun owner, which even the Japanese military hesitated to do during World War 2.

So where does all of this political oppression begin? It begins in the local elections where candidates are now not required to declare a political party affiliation. We may as well be throwing darts at the voting booth to select a candidate. But make no mistake, each candidate has a political agenda. And yes, America has always had its oppression.


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