Florida Governor Ron DeSantis – who has been earning bona fides with his handling of the covid19 debacle and other key issues – may play a key role in an unfolding outrage wrapped in a travesty.

Politico has launched a thousand ships with a report today indicating Palm Beach County, Florida investigators are preparing for the possible arrest of former President Donald Trump.

Contingency plans are underway as we speak, to hear Politico tell it.

It all revolves around the actions of Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance. At least two Florida officials say they are getting ready to roll out to Mar-a-Lago IF Vance can obtain an indictment against Trump.

But Governor DeSantis has the authority in Florida to BLOCK the extradition of Trump to New York State. 

A clerk in Palm Beach County says the Florida statute is in a gray area, but its generally accepted that DeSantis would have the authority to step in.

Vance has been investigating ALLEGATIONS of bank and tax fraud against Trump. And after receiving millions of pages of tax records from Trump once the former President left office the investigation is believed to be nearing its end.