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Parents, students, teachers – almost everyone in sight is saying no to the nonsense of the Defund the Police mantra these days.

Even at the presumptively Ultra-Liberal enclave of Berkeley, California High School.

When the whacky lefty crowd said we should get rid of the school’s SRO (School Resource Officer) things got interesting.

The district decided to poll parents and others and everyone expected the left to have won the day and thought the results of the polling would be predictable. Something that would SOUND like “down with the darn police-like” dude in the hallway.

Last June the nearby Oakland Unified School District canned its whole district police force as the mantra spread after the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis. 47 officers got the ax. 47.

But none of this seems to have had a lingering effect. 

The opposite of the rubber-stamp vote happened.

Zero teachers at Berkeley High agreed with the statement that the SRO was “hostile or mistrustful of kids.” Even some teachers who supported removing the SRO couldn’t agree that it made sense.

And fewer than 6% of students had been infected with the anti-police doctrine. Tiny minorities deemed the SRO “hostile or mistrustful of kids.”

In fact, 72% of Black students, 73% of Latino students, 77% of Asian students, and 62% of white students said “keep” the SRO.

So raise a glass to good ole Berkeley High. In a community that has seen so much societal evolution, reform may be in the air. Reform BACK to common sense approaches in policing.


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