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Law enforcement searched the area along and surrounding Bailey’s road for missing man Luis Martinez Hernandez, from Tennessee. Orange County Sheriff’s Department and Texas game wardens searched by air and boat over the weekend and will update his family today.

 “Let’s Make Bailey’s Great Again”, a volunteer organization from Bridge City who has been tackling the clean up of Bailey’s Road, held a prayer meeting Sunday night for Mr. Martinez, and there are discussions about putting together a volunteer group to search for him. 

Martinez’s keys and personal items, including a passport, were found inside his abandoned car at the end of Bailey’s Road on April 29th. His family had previously reported him missing in Tennessee on April 26th, but on April 28th, Martinez was spotted and stopped in Lumberton and seemed okay, and the missing alert was dropped. 

 Once his car was found on Bailey’s Road, Orange County Sheriff’s Department reissued the missing person’s alert.

 Via social media, his sister, Sonia stated that “We are asking any volunteers or anyone with drones or watercraft to assist in searching the areas in which we can until we can receive consent from Mr. Bailey,” Ms. Martinez said in the post.

 Ms. Martinez, who said she had never heard of Bridge City, prior to her brother going missing, added, “We appreciate each and every one of you for the heart and soul you have put into a complete stranger. You guys are what makes small-town America as wonderful as it is. 

 We want to bring my brother back home and thank any and all efforts from the city and people in it.”

If you have any info for investigators, contact the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 409-883-2612.



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