BRIEFED | Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley had maybe the most cogent of all arguments in his vote AGAINST a nomination today.

Hawley said he was voting against the nominee – Kiran Ahuja – because Ahuja embraces and will espouse an acceptance of Critical Race Theory while heading up the Office of Personnel Management.

“What we cannot allow is our federal government to affirm and sanction and advocate this critical race theory. We cannot allow the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth, to legitimize a new era of racial engineering,” said Sen. Hawley (R-Mo.)

“I’m concerned that Ms. Ahuja is a disciple of radical critical theorists. She has frequently promoted Dr. (Ibram X.) Kendi. She called him a thought leader,” Hawley explained. “She declared that we must do everything in our collective power to realize Dr. Kendi’s vision for America.”

That vision seems to suggest America is an unrepentant racist bastion.

The battle of ideas in America has become this – those who are for and those who oppose the primary tenants of Critical Race Theory.

The nomination of Ahuja passed by the way. Vice President Kamala Harris cast the tie-breaking vote to put her into the personnel office.

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