Shelley Luther goes to jail, Texans leap to her defense

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Attorney General Ken Paxton have all weighed in with disapproval at a Dallas area judges ruling that seems to show just how crazy our times have become. At a time when Dallas County judges are ruling to release jail inmates because of COVID19, another judge has put Shelley Luther behind bars.

Who is Shelley Luther? Well, don’t feel badly. Nobody knows much about Luther. She’s the owner of a North Dallas hair salon called “A La Mode.” Which is to say she could be any of us.

Luther has now been sentenced to a week behind bars for reluctantly deciding to re-open her salon. Her boyfriend Tim Georgeff says she did so for one reason only. She had reached the end of her financial resources, couldn’t get approved for the unemployment that tens of thousands of Texans are seeking, and needed to help her “tenants” i.e. the other hair stylists to keep food on the table of their kids. 

Wednesday 1813 talked with Jefferson County GOP Chair Judy Nichols who levelled a scathing criticism of the judge who put her behind bars. That would be the fairly aggressive and oft-embattled Judge Eric Moye. A judge who was once accused with pulling a gun on a driver. Yeah, an overly genteel dude!

We’ll cover more on Luther in coming days. For now, examine and comment on the extraordinary views of Nichols.


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